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Hazel and the Clubhouse

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I grew up in a small town in a house with a farmyard that formerly had farm animals and thus there were many pens and sheds around. It was great for us boys to play soldier in and around the buildings. They were also great places to hide. There was a neighbor girl by the name of Hazel who came over to play with us occasionally who was about two or three years older than us. We were about 12 at the time.

One day my friend and I cleaned out an old shed and were setting up our 'clubhouse' in it. Hazel came over to investigate and asked if she could see inside. There weren't many girls her age for her to play with, so we agreed to let her in (we liked her anyway because she was sort of boyish). But we said she could come in only of she showed us her pussy. She refused and threatened to tell her mother. We relented and let her in.

The clubhouse was sort of neat as we dug out a depression in the floor which we covered with clean boards. We had candles and a table and could sit comfortably around the edge. Hazel wanted to become a member of the club, but we refused. She then volunteered to show us her pussy if we would let her become a member on the condition we had to show her our cocks in return. We readily agreed. So we all went inside and Hazel sat down on the table and pulled down her jeans and panties showing us a beautiful reddish bush. She spread her legs so could get closer look. That was the first time I hadsmelled a pussy. It was totally enticing and an odor that I will never forget. It never fails to turn me on to this day. My friend and I didn't have much pubic hair at the time, so her bush was a big surprise to us. Both of us just pulled our cocks out of our fly so she could see them. My cock was soft when I pulled it out but soon got as hard as a rock. Hazel wondered why. My friend could hardly get his cock out of his pants it was so hard and bigger than mine.

Our clubhouse became a favorite hangout for my friend and I as well as Hazel. We stripped down and masturbated regularly but in the beginning never came. In time Hazel allowed us to touch her pussy and feel her growing breasts. But we could never fuck her as she wanted to remain a virgin.

This went on over two summers. The clubhouse was the place of my first ejaculation in front of my friend who was already squirting. I was 12 and he was a few months older. Hazel jacked us both off, and she said she could come on her own but not with us touching her. She masturbated in front of us often. I remember the first time she did and was disappointed when there was no juice squirting out. The only way we knew she was coming was because her pelvis jerked when she came. She allowed us to put our finger up her ass once so we could feel her orgasm spasms. My friend and I did that to each other so we knew about spasms, and we had to prove it to Hazel as well.

Hazel stopped coming to the clubhouse when she reached 15 or 16, and we missed her dearly. My friend and I stopped using it as well. My mother still lives there so last summer while visiting, I went inside the clubhouse and could not believe how small it was as I had to stoop over. I could not resist, however, pulling out my 35-year-old married cock, getting on my knees, and jacking off to some very sweet memories.



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