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Having A Great Time At Camp

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Having A Great Time at Camp
Last summer I went to a baseball camp with my friend John, we had been friends for a long time but what would happen the first night there would change our friendship.
It was about eight o'clock at night and we were both laying in our beds when we started talking about what girls we wanted to screw in our school, and I noticed that he was getting hard under his covers. That started getting me hard to because I noticed how big his cock was. He noticed my average sized cock raising the sheets and than said something that surprised me: "You feel like jerking-off?"
I was nervous but kind of excited and said, "Sure." So we both started stroking our cocks at a regular pace. I started thinking about things I never thought of before - than I said something that probably surprised me more than John.
"Did you ever wonder what it felt like to suck a dick?", I asked. I had tried to suck my own cock a few times, but could only lick the head and I could never achieve orgasm.
He just started at me for a little while, than said he was a little curious. So I climbed over to his bed and he pushed his covers down to the foot of the bed and revealed his big 7 inch cock and I just stared. At first I grabbed it and started stroking his dick and it felt great! Than I leaned over and put his cock in my mouth and it was a feeling (and taste) I would never forget. I had seen porn movies of girls sucking cock so I started doing what they did and just sucked, licked, stroked, and played with his balls, and his giant cock. He started to breath heavy so I stopped and asked him if he was going to cum, and he said yes. For a second I thought about whether I should suck his cock until he cums than swallow his cum, or just jerk him off till he cums. Than I decided I would see what it tasted like, so I went back to his cock and just sucked, and licked as hard as I could till he moaned and I felt his cum squirt into my mouth and it tasted so good, than I jerked him off till he stopped cumming and licked it all up. Than he finally said he wanted to suck on my cock for a while, so I eagerly sat up and let him go down on me. It felt so good when I felt his tongue on my dick. He sucked on me for about 5 minutes until I filled his mouth with cum.
I was disappointed when it was over and started going back to my bed when John ran over to his suitcase and got out some baby oil. He put some on his hand and told me to come over to him, so I went over to him and he rubbed the oil all over my cock. He climbed on his bed, bent over and spread his legs.
"Don't just stand there," he said, "come put your dick in me."
So I climbed on the bed and slid my lubed up dick inside his waiting asshole. I felt kind of weird with my dick up my best friend's ass, but than it started to feel really good so I picked up the pace and started fucking him harder and faster. When I started to climax I told him I was going to cum, than he told me to do inside of him, so I did, and he moaned when he felt it inside of him.
He asked me if I wanted him to fuck me up the ass. I thought about than grabbed the baby oil and lubed up his cock and bent over. When I felt his dick in my ass, it sort of hurt than it started to feel really good.
While he was fucking my ass I was stroking my dick and I licked up my precum. After a good 10 minutes of his dick up my ass, I felt his warm stream of cum hit the inside of my ass.
After he pulled out I turned over and we both just stared at each other feeling awkward. Instead of just sitting there like an idiot, I leaned over and gave him quick blow job than went over to my bed.
For the next 5 days at camp we did the same things every night, but added some other things, like sixty-nine's and fingering the asshole while giving the blow job. These kind of things went on all summer, and we do it sometimes over the weekends - but I will never forget the first time.



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