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Happy Ending

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I live in a decent size community in the Midwest (about 100,000 population) and this happened about five years ago. I am married, carry about an extra 30 pounds, hair starting to thin, always horny. My sex life with my wife of 26 years is ok, but very basic. She was a virgin when we married and seldom touches my penis and never gives me a hand job or oral sex.

She was out of town one weekend, so I thought I would try a massage hoping there may be some sexual action. I had not done this before, so I had no idea what might be the outcome. There was a place called Hong Kong or Oriental massage I thought I would try. I set up the appointment for late on Saturday afternoon.

The business was located in a small office building with all the other businesses closed when I got there. The massage office was very small, and a quiet bell sounded when I came into the office. I could hear oriental music through the wall as I sat and waited. About ten minutes after arriving, a small oriental woman about my age entered the room. She asked if I was Stan and had me fill out a medical history form while she left with a small glass of water for her other customer. I filled the form and heard a man leaving in the hallway. A few minutes later the Oriental woman returned. I guessed her to be close to my age of 48, dressed in a tight fitting oriental style dress that went to her ankles. She was petite, but carried a few extra pounds.

She led me to the next room where she told me in a very soft voice with a heavy Asian accent to undress and lay on the table. She then left the room and I took off all my clothes and lay on the table. I covered my ass with a small towel. A minute later she knocked lightly on the door and entered. She put on some music and asked if I wanted lotion or oil. I opted for lotion.

I was a little aroused, but thought this will be nice and relaxing. She started by placing a hand on my covered butt and one on the middle of my back in the shoulder area. She then kind of rocked me back and forth for about a minute. This was a very nice feeling for my half hard dick. It soon came to full attention. Her hand lingered on my ass before she moved to the front of the table. The next 15 minutes she worked on my shoulders and back quite vigorously and I soon lost my erection, but felt very relaxed. She then worked my arms and fingers before moving to my feet and calf muscles. After she was done with my feet she started on my upper legs. This is when things got real interesting.

She moved the towel off my left buttock and kind of stuffed it between my legs. While she did not actually touch my balls, she put pressure on them as she repositioned the towel. She then went to work on my upper thigh and butt. She didn't touch my balls or anus but she was constantly there. I was hard as a rock. When she finished with both legs, she covered my ass. She then did the rocking thing again and I thought I would come right then. She then told me to turn over.

She held the towel as I turned toward her. She then placed the towel over my hard cock, applying some indirect pressure as she did so. She then went to work on my front side, giving me a very nice massage. My cock was twitching as she worked on my upper thighs. She finished with her rocking me vigorously on the table with one hand just above the towel and the other on my chest. The shaking almost caused the towel to fall from my erection and rubbed against my cock.

She then leaned close to me and said, 'How you feeling?'

'Very nice and very horny,' I replied.

'You want?' she said as she made a fist and a jerking off motion with her hand.

I just nodded.

'You give me a nice tip?' I again nodded.

She then took the towel off me, exposing my hard-on to her for the first time. She then got a pillow and put it under my head, before grabbing a latex glove and putting it on her right hand.

'Very small,' I commented about my 5 inch cock.

'Big enough and very strong she said as she applied some lotion and began playing with my balls.

'This isn't going to take long,' I said as she started stroking me firmly.

She smiled and backed off a little to play with my balls. At the same time she used her left hand to move my hand to her ass. I cupped her cheeks and she went back to stroking me more quickly. She moved her left hand to my nipple and gave it a firm pinch. That was all it took. The first shot went three straight up (like when I was young). I followed that with a couple more good jets before oozing the last of it. She giggled a little with the first couple of shots then looked me in the eyes as she squeezed me dry. She got some tissue and wiped up the mess, before cleaning off with the towel. She left the room and I got dressed. She came back with a glass of water for me and gave me a hug after I paid her.

'You come back?'

'For sure.' and I did until she got busted and the fun ended



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