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Happy Birthday

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Though I was married at a young age, my sexual awaken didn't come until years AFTER my divorce.


I met Sandy three years ago on the internet. We live only 250 miles apart, so after six weeks of chatting, we decided to meet. Sandy is a large women, not fat-just big. She's 5-10 and 190lbs (same as me) but over 6' in heels, long blonde hair and D-cup breasts and a cute face... far from model material, but attactive just the same. The standard and expected twist in the sheets was fine-but it was clear there were no romantic feelings.

Still, Sandy is a great girl. We do a lot of partying on our occasional visits. On the phone, in chat or in person-we speak about everything-and I do mean everything.

Sandy is my best friend so what she says about other guys- present and past doesn't bother me. As I am the more conservative one, listening to her is almost educational.

She called me one night. My birthday was coming up and she asked me if there was anything I wanted on my next visit to her. I mentioned dinner would be nice-but that's not what she meant. Giggling-she said she wanted to give me 'anything' whatever my fantasy was-she would make it happen. Figuring she wouldn't remember, I said I wanted an orgy with her friends... she laughed-then said 'seriously, what can I do for you?' As I said earlier-I'm not so adventurous in the bedroom, but my mind was spinning a bit... and I decided to take a chance with something-a bit on the light side.

Referencing this site, I told her it was my fantasy to masturbate in front of a woman (something I had never done). She laughed, 'that's it?'. We set it up for the weekend following my birthday.

My birthday was never mentioned during our phone calls in the days leading to my visit. I figured she really had forgotten.

The five hour drive to her city is a soothing one. It is a scenic route over a west-coast mountain range. I'm always relexed in a high spirits when I get there. As usual, Sandy greeted me with her bright smile and warm hug. But then she said- 'are you ready?'. My stomach did a flip-she did remember. She then said, 'Happy Birthday, do mind if I'm the woman who watches you?' I was red.

She had not seen me naked since our first meeting and I was shy-but that just added to the arousal of it. Also adding to the thrill, was that she was dressed in a classy business skirt/suit. I was slowly getting hard. But, before the fun-we had a light dinner and light chit-chat.

I unpacked my things and had a shower while Sandy cleaned the kitchen. As I towelled off, I noticed that she had removed all my clothes from the bathroom-leaving just a towel; she was waiting outside. With just a towel wrapped about my waist, Sandy led me to down the hall, toward the living room. The excitement was building... When we got to the living room, I got the shock of my life.

Sitting on the couch, all dressed up in classy dresses, was three of Sandy's co-workers. All under 40, all modestly attractive and all whom I had met at least once. Joining them on the couch, Sandy said, 'Well- you said you wanted an orgy too-you'll just have to have it with yourself.' They all giggled.

My face was red. Excited but embarrassed too-there was no way I would have the courage to do it in front of all these women. The encouraging cat-calls were not going to change my mind.

Without warning- my towel was pulled off from behind. A FOURTH co-worker named Nicole seemed to come out of now where to relieve me of my modesty.

Here I was-the only naked man in a group of women. It was a birthday gift, a life-long fantasy and I was too shy to see it through..but that did not matter. My arousal was overpowering-and the situation took care of itself. Without even one stroke, a powerful orgasm took control of my body. My cock erupted uncontrollably-spewing seman in all directions. I nearly lost my balance. The women watched in awe. Even Sandy was open-mouthed. None of them had ever witnessed a spontaneous ejaculation-and I had never had one.

Arousal was replaced by embarrassment and I reached for the towel. Sandy spoke first... saying I need not be embarrassed. The other girls chimed-in with similar sentiments. 'But that was really hot,' Nicole added- began another round of comments. The conversation stayed sexual, but its focus (thankfully) strayed from me.

Sitting there naked on the towel, I was getting aroused once again. One girl noticed and said, 'Hey- he still hasn't jacked for us yet.'

'Let's go Dan,' shouted Sandy-again- the other girls followed suit. 'Danny Danny Danny'. My left hand found the tip of my cock-as I sat on the floor-in front the couch. All eyes were on me. Slowly stroking- I tried to revel in the moment... knowing something like this would probably never happen again. It was everything I hoped it would be.

My second orgasm was slow to build- hey I'm not 16 anymore. The girls started singing 'Happy Birthday'-Sandy unbuttoned her top. At the end of the song- she said, 'Come-on girls'-and they began singing again. The others too, started to unbutton their tops-. Over and over again, they sang 'happy birthday'- Nicole's breast was the first to make an appearance. Then the other girls- slowly but surely breasts were popping out. As the song approached the end of its fourth repetition, the last of the 10 breasts was exposed- and I lost it. I spewed for what seemed like minutes. Spasm after spasm ran from my belly to my balls and out my penis... some ropes hiting the girls' legs. My head was dizzy.. and I was exhausted.

The girls left soon after.

The rest of Sandy and I's weekend was uneventful. She did take me to dinner. There hasn't been a repeat performance quite like that one. But Nicole, Sandy and I play together (yes all together) when I visit. Maybe that's what makes the 250 mile trip so soothing.



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