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Hands Free Orgasm

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First time I have experienced a hands free orgasm just through anal stimulation.


For the past couple months, I have been trying to experiment with different techniques to improve my solo time. Recently I ordered a 6" dildo to try to stimulate my prostate better than my fingers; and it finally worked. A little about myself, I'm a little over 6' and weigh about 220. I play a lot of physical sports, so the majority of the extra weight is in my shoulders, chest and thighs. I have a 6.5" cock and am uncut. So, onto the story.

The first couple times I was a little tentative. I used a ton of lube, and simply tried to simulate a dick fucking me, never too deep, and never too fast. Finally, I made the effort to see how far I could get the dildo into my hole, and that's when it happened. I was standing with one leg propped up on the bathroom counter, with one hand around my dick, and the other pushing the dildo in. When I was about 5" in, I felt like I couldn't go any further, and began to resort to jacking off. But then I lost my balance, and in the effort of regaining it, I shoved the remaining inch into my ass; the result was an explosion of orgasmic pleasure. My knees went wobbly and I began to fist my cock really hard and fast. I came with more force than I have ever before, soaking the back wall with cum.

So the other day I got my dildo and lube out, and attached the suction cup to the top of the toilet. I usually don't use the suction because it doesn't always hold, but I used some adhesive, and it seemed to work a bit better. I was feeling a bit bolder this day, so I got my laptop and placed it in front of me, at crotch level. I went to a cam-to-cam site and started searching for good cams, but was having little luck. So I slowly inserted the dildo into my ass, and soon had it all the way in, the pleasure was so intense that I needed to lean to one side, just to keep the tip a little off my sweet spot. I resumed my search, now providing a great view of my cock suspended over the black dildo's base.

I finally found a good looking cock and began a conversation with the guy. I explained the amount of pleasure I was getting, and how I needed it to be somewhat relieved. He told me to sit down completely and to keep talking. I did what he said and couldn't help but moan aloud. My mic was on, and his expression said that he heard me. I slowly began to lift and rest atop the dildo, each time my breathing got shallower, I began reaching for my dick, but the other guy told me not to. So I reached up and positioned my hands on the counter and towel rack for support. And began to fuck the dildo. My cock was bouncing, as the black plastic could be seen, then quickly gobbled up by my wanting ass.

I fucked myself for a couple minutes, while my partner talked dirty to me over chat. He had been enjoying the show for so long that his own cock was bouncing from his heart beat. I could see the precum glistening on his cock's perfectly shaped head. He quickly got up to the pace I was fucking, and I began to hear feint moans over my speaker. I told him to come closer to the mic. When he did, I could more clearly hear him, and we began berating each other with sexual encouragement. Finally, I could see him start convulsing, and his moans intensify, he came with one powerful stroke, followed by several small, quick ones. When I saw this, I myself shuddered, and as I came down on the fake dick, my cock bounced up hitting my belly, and I shot a load onto my face and chest. I sat motionless and directed the last spurts onto my face and mouth, savouring the delicious taste.

I went to get up, but my knees gave out, and ended up kneeling in front of my cam, showing off my cum covered jaw to the other man. He had been slowly re-hardening himself while watching my display. He suggested we go again, but I could barely breath and told him one was enough for me. I thanked him for his show and clicked the 'stop' button.

Trying to clean up was difficult, as I could never straighten out my legs without them buckling. I cleaned my dildo, than put it back in my drawer with my lube. Finally I cleaned off the little cum left on my chest that I didn't eat up.

This was the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced. And if any of you haven't at least tried anal, I would fully recommended it. And if you don't get the full experience the first time, try it again with a little more effort, you will definitely not regret it.



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