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Hair Today, GoneTomorrow

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I always like to keep my private area neatly trimmed. Well, one day while getting ready to take my daily shower, I noticed that I was getting a little ragged down there. I got out my hair trimmer and put the guard on to keep from trimming too close.

Everything was going great, and I was enjoying the vibrations from the trimmers when the guard came off and cut a patch of hair too close. What could I do but finish cutting the rest of the hair to match?

After cutting all the hair down to short stubble, I stepped back and viewed my buzz cut in the mirror. Shockingly it looked good. I then thought to myself, 'What the heck; let's go all the way.'

I reached into the medicine cabinet and retrieved a shaving cream and my razor; you can guess what happen next. I got a handful of shaving cream and generously spread over my pubic area; needless to say I was getting really turned on by now. Pre-cum was flowing from the tip of my cock like someone had turned on a fauce; I wiped it off with my finger and eagerly licked my finger clean.

I took the razor in my hand, a little nervous having something that sharp so near to my favorite friends. I started slowly shaving the short stubble away. My breathing was at a high state of excitement by this time so I had to be real careful.

After shaving the areas around my balls and throbbing cock, I went for the gusto. Holding my balls up by their sack. I shaved the area between my asshole and balls. I now was guiding the razor with a great mission of purpose.

Next came my ball sack, making it smooth as silk. Only thing left to do was to shave my cock. The hairs on the base of my throbbing shaft stood at attention awaiting their fate.

Carefully, I ran the razor up and down my shaft sending electric shutters throughout my loins. After finishing my task, I once again stepped back and admired my work of art. I never realized how good it would look or how great the smoothness would feel, so I was greatly surprised.

Well needless to say, I couldn't hold back the temptation to take my hard cock in my palm. As I reached for it, it seemed to jump right into my hand. It was so hard that the head of it was almost purple, and the veins were popping out, giving it an almost rough texture.

I slowly started pumping it as I ran my free hand over the soft skin on my balls and then to my asshole, where I drove two finger deep into it. It didn't take long for me to have the strongest orgasm I have ever had. Luckily, before I came, I was able to lie on the floor raising my legs up over my head so my cock was pointing down over my open mouth. As I came I shot into my mouth the sweetest reward I could get for a job well done swallowing every delicious drop of my load. My days of hair down there are over.



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