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Gym Shower Room

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For about a year now, I have been going to a gym close by to swim laps in their pool. To use their pool, everyone is required to shower first to keep the water as clean as possible. After stripping in the locker room, I simply carried my towel with me and walked naked to the showers, since I would be alone anyway. Or so I thought. When I walked into the shower area, I could hear some water dripping on the floor, which was unusual for this time of the morning. I looked around the corner and saw a guy of similar age to myself. Not only was he soaking wet, but he had his side turned to me and was masturbating with his eyes closed.

I was frozen in place as I stood there watching him stroke himself. Not only that, but I could feel myself getting hard as well. After standing there for a few seconds, I must have made a noise because his eyes opened and he looked over at me.

'What are you looking at?'

'Uh, nothing.'

'Doesn't look like nothing', looking down at my throbbing cock.

'Oh, sorry,' I said as I started to leave.

'Wait, come here.'

I turned around and he was motioning me to come into the stall with him.

When I walked in, he stood there with his hands on his hips, still hard. 'You know, since you were watching me jerk off, I think it's only fair that I get to watch you now.' 'Well, ok...' My heart was about to beat out of my chest as I started stroking my rock hard cock as he stood there watching me. 'Damn, dude, you're huge. Your cock is bigger than mine, how big are you?' I smiled, shrugged and said that I wasn't sure. I lied. I have measured myself before and I knew that I was about 7.5 inches long and almost 6 inches around.

'Well, no sense in letting you have all the fun.' He then reached down and started jacking off again, this time at an even faster pace. After a couple minutes, he said that he was going to cum, and then blew a large load all over the floor of the shower. After he caught his breath, I wasn't quite there yet. He then said to me 'here, let me give you a hand with that'. He then put his hand around my penis and started stroking me. I leaned up against the wall as he tugged on my cock and played with my balls, which I had never done before.

Shortly after, I said 'I...I'm going to cum.' 'Just let it out, dude.' I then started blowing my cum all over his hand and his leg. He then started squeezing my cock, milking all of the cum out of it, feeling it drip onto my toes. After we collected ourselves and showered off, we went back to the locker room where he started to get dressed.

Right before he left, he told me that he would be back at the same time next weekend if I wanted to join him again. I told him that I would get here early, and I could feel myself getting hard again. Hearing his wet flip flops hitting his feet as he walked out, I went back to the showers to masturbate again.



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