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Guys Know How To Touch Each Other

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I last published the story 'Guys Know How To Jerk It' on June 13, 2011. The following is the story of what happened between my friend Adam and I at our sleepover following the events in the last story.


Just to refresh your memory, I am 6'1', with light brown hair and brown eyes. I have some muscle mass, but am pretty lanky. My dick is 6.5 inches long.

My best friend Adam is about 6'2', with wavy dirty blond hair and blue eyes, and size 13 feet. He's my age and is completely jacked. He has an incredible chest and a well defined chest. He is left handed and is incredibly well hung, his dick is about four inches flaccid, and seven inches hard. Both of us are uncut.

As I walked in the door from school, I still couldn't believe what an amazing time I had jerking with Adam in the school showers after track. My mind was a blur with Adam- for some reason, he was all I could think of. I just kept fantasizing about his rock hard six pack, and his even harder 7' cock. 

I knew Adam was coming over for our sleepover and I was already hard just thinking about it- especially since I had the house to myself for the weekend. I decided to have a quick shower to get ready for the night, and could hardly contain myself. My dick was stiff the entire time, but since I wanted to save my cum for later I didn't jack off.

Adam came over at 7 pm just as planned, and although I was initially worried about it being awkward, it wasn't in the slightest. We started off by watching some football, and then playing some Xbox. I brought it up first...

'So... About earlier?'

'Yeah, what about it man?' said Adam

'I just want to make sure that we're cool' 

'John, that was the most fun I've had in my life, it was better than when I fingered my ex' Adam burst out, elated. 

'I'm relieved man, I had so much fun too and...' I hesitated, 'I want to do it again' 

'Me too!!' he said, as he turned off the game and smiled over at me. 'But first, I was wondering if you wanted to help me prepare for my wrestling match next week?' 

I did not hesitate for a moment, 'you're on' I said as I jumped off the couch, 'let's go downstairs.'

The minute we were downstairs, I jumped at Adam, tackling his toned body to the floor. He was surprised immediately and flipped me over, he was on top of me now. 'It's no fun when we both have our shirts on' he said, as his hands moved down my button-plaid shirt. 'You're just gonna' have to wait for that' I retorted, flipping him off of me, and pushing him to the floor. 

'I however am not!' I smiled as my hands slipped under the bottom of his shirt, ripping his t off, as he outstretched his arms. I was now staring at his beautiful abs, and he began to work his hands down my shirt,unbuttoning it along the way. His hands were all over my body, as he rushed them through my hair and down my back. He then grabbed my package through my shorts, 'what do we have here, this is a violation in wrestling my friend.' He smiled, 'and it's gonna' cost you your shorts.' He flipped me off and pushed me against the wall as his hands began to undo my top button. My heart was beating out of my chest when he started licking my left nipple, and move his tongue down my abs through my happy trail. He threw my shorts to the ground, and I was left standing in my boxers, with the top of my dick peeking through. I could no longer resist and grabbed his cock through his board shorts, and untied them, sliding them to the ground. He was left standing with only his designer boxers on, his dick reaching all the way up to his belly button.

'Dude, you are so fucking hot' he said, as he thrust his hips into mine, grinding our cocks together through our boxers. Adam had buried his mouth in my neck, and he was kissing and caressing every inch of my body, I was in heaven. His thumbs were inside my boxers and he was pulling them down.

'Wait' I said. 'Let's go up to my room'

As we burst into my bedroom, I suggested that we watch some porn. Adam agreed. 'Have you watched gay porn before?' I asked him. 

'Man, I watch every kind of porn. Straight, Lesbian, Bi, but gay is one of my favorite.' he said smiling.àI opened my laptop to a clip of two guys jacking àone another- Jadon and Tyler.  

With that, I moved over and sat next to him, throwing my boxers to the floor. 'You ever use lube?' 'Yeah, sometimes.' I grabbed my bottle of KY, lubed up and tossed it to Adam. He did the same, and as we watched the video, we were both furiously beating our sticks. 'Bro, watching them beat each other is making me so horny,' I said. 

'You asking me for another handjob there John?' 

'You bet I am.' 

'Well that's good, because of you didn't ask, I was going to grab that beauty of a dick anyway' Adam had been sitting to the left of me on the bed and reached over with his left hand and grabbed my lubed-up cock, stroking it with all his might. 'You just relax' he said, pushing me down on the bed and getting over top of me. His right hand grasped my balls, as his tongue sucked on my nipples, and his left hand pounded furiously at my cock. 'Don't stop...' I whimpered. 

'I'm gonna' cum man' I screamed, as he began to twist his left hand over my dickhead, and stroke with his right hand. 

'Good.' He said, and with that my body began to contract, and spasm as I was reduced to quivering. My cock erupted all over Adam's chest, as I bit my lip in complete ecstasy, rope after rope hit Adam, two of them hitting his open mouth; he swallowed.

As I came down from my orgasm, I got up, throwing Adam onto the bed, and I got on top of him. 'Your turn' I said. I grabbed his rock hard, throbbing 7' beast and began to stroke, as I started to lick all of my cum off of his chest, swallowing it all.

'That was sooo hot...' muttered Adam. 

'Why do you have to be so hot?' I asked, pumping vigorously up and down his long shaft with my right hand. He moaned, 'You're so good at giving handjobs John' 

With that remark, I began to two-hand his large tool, stroking from the base to the head, and taking extra time massaging the head. I could feel his cum rising in his dick; his balls were tight to his body. I looked down at his face, which was quickly changing from his jacking face to his cumface. 

'I'm cuumming' he moaned, as Jadon brought Tyler to orgasm, Adam's dick erupted shooting four ropes onto his upper chest, and the rest on to my abs. I didn't waste any time and began to lick his boy juice off of his chest, and as he came down, he started slurping up his own cum from my chest. 

'Thank you man.' 

'Thank you.'

'Let's go shower up' I said, and with that the two of us hopped in the shower together. 

Plenty of more fun times to come. 



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