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Guys Can Enjoy Vibrators Too!

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My second contribution: So this describes my first discoveries of the masturbatory bliss of vibrators as well as my current technique.


It all started when I was younger and had not yet discovered masturbation. I had pulled a muscle in my back so I was using the 'back massager' that my family had to ease the pain. It was a wand-style massager that had a flat circular head with ridges on it. It's the type you see in the drug store. Anyway, I was using it on my back and started to move it down my arm when the bottom of the massager, which vibrated ever so slightly, grazed my crotch by accident. Oh my god! I didn't know why or what the feeling was, but my young body knew it felt amazing! So I experimented and starting placing the head of the 'massager' directly on throbbing penis . . . I didn't have an orgasm, I wasn't quite developed enough yet, but it definitely made me recognize that touching myself down there was awesome.

Once I did start masturbating, I was unstoppable and masturbated constantly-which I still do to this day. For whatever reason I had eventually forgotten about the pleasures from that 'back massager' until one day that I was about 14 or 15. I came across it in a box and a lightbulb went off in my head as I grabbed the vibrator and ran to my room. I locked my door, took off all my clothes and hid in the closet as I was afraid of getting caught experimenting with my long lost toy. I already had a huge erection that was leaking precum and twitching in anticipation. I turned the vibrator on low and naturally placed the head of the vibrator against the backside of my penis, just below the head. It felt so glorious that I almost came instantly, but the feel of the somewhat hard rubber head of the vibrator also hurt a little and the vibration was almost too intense. I turned it off and spotted a sock on the floor . . . I inserted my hard cock into that sock and tried again. Now the vibration wasn't so harsh as the softness of the fabric was just what was needed to make it feel just right. Holding the vibrator to the back of my cock, I could feel my ograsm building up inside of me and soon I just exploded with the most powerful climax that I ever had. My whole body was convulsing-this was the real start to my love of using vibrators.

Much time has passed and I have updated my equipment to the hitachi magic wand, which women have made no secret about it being a fantastic masturbatory device. But let me say, guys, you should start using one of these too! I don't use the vibrator all the time, but it adds some great variety to my sex life and after a few days of either sex with my wife or masturbating with my fleshlight, my body just loves the different sensations from the vibrator.

Here's what I do: I normally start watching some porn while stroking my cock and sniffing my wife's panties (did I mention that I have a slight panty fetish?). My favorite is when I have found a newly discarded pair that are warm and wet from my wife's own arousal. Before long I place the crotch of the panties on my very excited cock-feeling her wetness and having my dick pressed up against where her horny pussy just was, is fantastic. Now I take the vibrator, on the low setting, and place it on the backside of my cock, moving it slowly up to my head and down the shaft, applying more or less pressure to change how the vibrations engulf my entire penis. When I can feel myself getting close, I move the vibrator back to just below my head and use the thumb of my free hand to brace the front of my shaft a little further down-these seems to concentrate the vibrations just right. Soon I'm about to cum and I can feel an incredible orgram building, I push the vibrator against myself hard (sometimes kind of shaking it back and forth). As the waves of the orgasm start deep within, I switch the vibrator onto 'high' at just the last second and it sends a powerful surge that seem to go right through me as I powerfully shoot my cum into the crotch of my wife's panties. It's such an amazing and totally different type of orgasm that I am having difficultly finding words to describe it.

SO you should go find a vibrator or a 'back massager' to try and see for yourself how great it feels! Share your comments! I'd like to hear if others have tried this . . .



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