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My father was an engineer who was frequently away from home on engagements for lengthy periods of time. When he had an engagement in Australia for about two months, my parents arranged for a guardian to live at our home so my mom could go with him.

My mom taught cooking at a local college, and she brought home a student who was about twenty-two and introduced him as the guardian who would stay with me while they were gone. I was a junior in high school, and was quite annoyed that my parents felt that I needed a 'baby sitter'.

It was about a week later that he moved in. He was a great cook. His attire was always T-shirt, baggy shorts, and sandals. After supper, he would aways go to his room to study, but would return to the family room to watch TV about 10 o'clock.

One evening, I was laying on the floor watching TV when he came in and slouched down in the sofa chair across from me. When I glanced over his way, I noticed that I could see his cock hanging down inside of his shorts. He obviously had on no underwear. His shorts had slid up his leg so that the head of his cock was only an inch or so from the hem of his shorts. I couldn't take my eyes off the sight. I had masturbated to various fantasies for years, but this occasion was my first of actually having a private viewing of the nakedness of another individual.

I went up my bedroom and jerked myself off. I was so excited, the load hit my face.

Next night, I deliberately lay on the floor of the TV room hoping to enjoy the same experience. This time, I lay next to the chair that had become his favorite. I was within spitting distance as one would say. He joined me, slouched down into his chair, his baggy shorts slid up as before, and the head of his cock was just inside of his pant leg. The itch to touch his cock was nearly overpowering. The TV program had some great looking chicks, and his cock was responding. It would rise and subside regularly. In no time, I was back up in my bedroom, jacking off like hell.

Third night, good news - bad news. Same set up, and I was closer to his chair than the night before. He came in like clockwork, slouched into his chair, and his cock was clearly visible as before. The TV program was quite good, a war show, and his eyes were fixed on the screen. As he was watching, I reached over and attempted to fondle his cock. Good news, I actually touched his pecker, bad news, he jumped a foot and swore like crazy at me.

I was embarrassed as hell and slunk off to crawl into bed. I couldn't sleep. About a half an hour later, I could tell that he had turned off the TV and the lights and was headed to his bedroom. He stopped at my room and quietly asked, 'Are you asleep?'


'Mind if I come in?' 'No.'

He sat on the floor next to my bed, with his elbow on my mattress and started to apologize for swearing at me. He then turned the conversation to sexual issues, pointedly asking me if I jack off.


'Ever had anyone else do it

'No.' And with that answer, his other hand came in under the covers, and started to stroke my groin. I was in PJ's and my cock was very loose inside. As my pecker stiffened, he reached in through the fly and pulled out my cock. He pulled back my foreskin, milked the head till the precum flowed, and then stroked the entire length of my slippery cock until I exploded. 'Goodnight. My bedroom door is open.'

After what seemed like years (it was probably about ten minutes), I went to his room. Knocked at his door. 'Come in.' He had a bedside lamp on and was sitting in bed reading a magazine. His chest was bare, but the covers were up to his waist. I was nervous as hell. 'Come in,' he said again, and pulled back his covers to expose a very hard cock standing at full attention. Without another word, I went over to his bed and began to stroke his pecker. He slid down in the bed until he was lying flat. His cock felt very fat in my hand. In a few moments, jizz was flying everywhere.

I went back to my room, jacked off again and went to sleep.

The next night, I was back on the floor in the TV room, he slouched in the chair as before. His shorts slid up his leg as before, and he watched me watching him. His cock soon became erect and was well out below the hem of his shorts. I reached out to touch him and there was no swearing this time.

For the rest of his stay, we took to be nude around the house, sleeping together, showering together, and endlessly wanking off.

I was almost sorry my parents came home.



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