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Greatest Pool Party Ever!!!

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This is one of two sessions between me, my soon to be girlfriend and her best friend


I was at a pool party with a friend who is now my girlfriend, and her best friend.

It was the summer of 2001 and I was sixteen. I was at a pool party of about 25 people, it was my girlfriend's pool. Anyway, it was about 10:30pm and mostly everyone was gone but since me and my girlfriend lived right down the street we decided to stick around for a while.

So we were just sitting around and we were talking about our best sexual experiences and my girlfriend said the best sex she has ever had was with this and she rose her left hand, my friend practically stood up and applauded in agreement. Now at the age of 16 the only women I've ever seen masturbate was on a porn site, so I decided to see if I could push this a little further than just talking.

So I asked them if they've ever masturbated together and they giggled toward each other and gave a little nod and although I kept a calm look on my face, in my head bells, and whistles and sirens are just going off like crazy.

So I decided to turn up the heat a little more so I said 'have you ever seen a guy masturbate before?' they looked at each other as if for confirmation and both said 'no' so I said 'I'll masturbate if you two do' and they both said they'll think about it, then I heard my cell phone ring in the house(the sliding door was open and I left it on the table near the door) so I got up and answered it. After I hung up I was walking back outside and before I stepped outside the door I saw that they've taken off their bathing suits and are kissing and fingering each other!!!

I'm in total shock but incredibly excited, so I walk outside and my soon-to-be girlfriend said 'we decided to get started without you' and I said 'don't worry, I'll just catch up' so I peel off my swim trunks and start 'going to work' all the while they're watching me, fingering each other and playing with their nipples.

Halfway through my session I heard them moaning louder and louder (good thing my girlfriends friends parents were out of town and we had the house to ourselves) and then they threw there heads back and groaned as they came. Then they kissed each other and licked each others fingers and I said 'that's cold, I ain't even finished yet!' and they said the most mind blowing thing I've ever heard!! they said, 'don't worry we haven't forgot about you, we'll finish you off' and before I had a chance to react, my girlfriend grabs my cock and starts stroking me and her friend starts to rub and tug on my balls.

They take turns switching between rubbing my balls and stroking me off, this went on for what felt like forever but was only about five minutes, and then I heard one of them say to the other (because at this point it's practically impossible for me to open my eyes but I'm pretty sure it was my girlfriend) 'I've never seen an uncircumcised guy before, I love the way his foreskin goes up and down his cock' and that was all I needed to hear to send me over the edge. Then all of a sudden my leg starts to shake, then it stiffens up and I just blew my load all over the place. I got my girlfriend on her tits and her stomach and I got her friend on the cheek and her neck. Then as I watched them lick my cum off of each other I said 'now it's my turn to return the favor' they giggled and laid down and I started to pinch and lick their nipples, then I worked my hands down and started to rub their clits, then I inserted a couple of fingers into each one of them and I started fingering them.

I started to go faster and faster and then I felt them grinding on my fingers so I put in another finger and start fingering faster and I'm rubbing their clits with my thumb.

Then I felt their pussies tighten on my fingers, they clamped down so hard it felt like they were going to break my fingers and then they let go and I felt them cum all over my fingers. After they lay there for a second and caught there breath, they got up and licked my fingers clean and then we took a quick dip in the pool naked.

At about 11:30pm we get out of the pool take a group shower (this day just keeps getting better and better) get dressed say good bye and I walk my soon-to-be girlfriend home.

About a week later me and my girlfriend hook-up and we have been together ever since. To this day we still talk about it and talk about possibly doing it again.

Well, that's my story. Like I said in the comments this is just one of two sessions similar to this. If you guys like it then I'll post the other story involving me, my girlfriend, her bestfriend and her boyfriend on our trip to Houston a year ago.



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