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Great Session

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Jerking off with a Friend


My friend wanted to do a JO session while at his house, I instantly said yes. He pulled out his lube and his dvds and we both dropped our pants and boxers. We both stared at each others cocks for a solid minute admiring our quickening hardness. We sat on the couch and turned on the tv and dvd player as we slipped in one of our favorites, big tit lesbians.

The first scene started out with pairs of big titties in a pool, bouncing up and down to music, then the girls start making out and get to hot steamy lesbian sex. We lubed up our cocks like pros and started jerking slow to the music. We were going to the beat and it felt great! I told him that he worked his cock like a true pro and that with his size he could be in porn. He thanked me and kept working it in earnest as I watched him and jerked off. We both turned back to the tv and the girls were sucking on each others nipples hard. The moaning and pops of the mouth were so much, we were already close. He told me that we were going to bust before they even started fingering each others clits. I suggested that we get off now and keep jerking afterwards. I was so horny that I was going to do it anyway whether he was going too or just watch.

He agreed and we both picked up the pace. As they both intensified the tit sucking we intensified our jerking. I told him, groaning, that I was cumming at that point and started shooting all over myself. Thick ropes of jizz just landing all over my thighs and chest. The feeling was numbing and I wish it never stopped. As I finished, I looked over at my friend, still cumming, he had about many ropes that just kept landing on his chest. I had said that he really REALLY could get into the porn business. He was spent, just breathing very hard, as I kept rubbing my dick to keep my hardon. The movie was still playing as the music in the background stopped and they started playing with each others pussies. He had then asked if we should use our cum as lube for the next one. That almost made me hard instantly. I said yeah so we both wiped up our jizz with our hands and smeared them all over our hardening dicks. We had kept staring at these gorgeous girls with the biggest most perfect tits just bouncing up and down as they both kept fingering each other.

Eventually we both were back to 100% and jerking like the first time. I said that this time we should cum on something. He said that was a great idea and pulled out his tablet, he had pulled up a video his GF had sent him. His GF was also a great view, firm tits, nice round ass, with very little thickness, just enough too look mad sexy. Her face was perfect for cumshots. She had sent a video of her masturbating with all kinds of toys and her fingers as well. She was also a squirter too so it made it even hotter. We kept jerking for another 20 minutes and the next lesbian scene had already started up on the tv. Mother and daughter this time, both with big tits yet again. The mom was teaching the daughter how to masturbate and was helping her out, in various ways. First it started out showing her how to use a dildo on herself, then it escalated to using vibrators while licking her pussy in the progress. This video was just as hot as the last one, if not hotter. Using our musky cum as lube and listening to the jerking sounds were so arousing to us, we were close.

He kept his tablet on the coffee table with a strip of Saran wrap over it to catch our cum and started up the video about midway as she was putting her toys to use. She was in some very hot positions moaning out my friends name as she kept rubbing her clit and sucking on her dildo. I didn't care what name she was moaning, I was going to cum all over her. I stopped focusing on the taboo scene in front of me, stood up and started jerking over the tablet. He did the same. we looked at each other and smiled as we quickened our pace and then I challenged him to see who could finish on her first. For me, seeing his GF naked was almost good for me, but I needed to see her squirt before I could finish on her. As I moaned jerking faster, I looked at his cock and he started cumming, more than the first time! His first three shots flew over the table, almost hitting me, and landing on the floor. His next shots were all over the table and the tablet. He was grunting so loud while blasting his jizz, and watching all that cum almost sent me over. But I still needed to see that part.

He had exclaimed that he won and laughed as I kept staring over the cum covered screen watching, waiting. I had said some shit like "Dammit" but I was still in a trance. I could tell she was getting close because her moans got louder and her hand motions got faster. I did the same, and started muttering about her squirting all over the place and licking it up. My friend watched as I kept up my pace. He started cheering me on like telling me to cum all over her, give her that money shot. I was nearly there, I saw her release her dildo and started furiously rubbing her clit, it was then, I had to let loose. She started to squirt all over her bed and her toys as she was nearly screaming. I lost it. My first shot went nearly across the room, I don't know how but I watched that shot like it was in slow motion, the next few were all over his tablet and my last couple I had got close and started shooting over top of it. Then, smearing my last few drops on the tablet, my friend got up next to me and started cumming again! Apparently he was jacking off again while watching me jacking off. He didn't have a big load this time, he just wanted that extreme orgasm feeling going for the third time. He then too, smeared his dick all over his GF on the screen as she finished squirting out her pussy juices.

We both had flopped down on the couch just completely finished, faint on breath I had told him that this was a great session, he concurred as he petted his dick in agreement. I had helped him clean up after we both had a 15 minute break and we ended up drinking some beers and watching some late night comedy shows towards the end. We will do this again soon for sure.



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