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Good With His Hands

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I had never had an orgasm with a man until I met 'Nick' at the age of 23. Although I had been having sex since I was 14, I never really got that excited and often found that I actually felt bored many times during sex. I have masturbated frequently since I was very young, and never had any problems having orgasms with myself, but somehow, couldn't have that same experience with a man.
Well, the reason why Nick was different was because he was an expert with his hands. The first time Nick and I were together, he made sure that I was already aroused and writhing even before he touched my clitoris.
First, he kissed my neck and my cheek, letting his hand rest on my thigh. As he noticed me getting more aroused, his hand started to stroke my thigh lightly. His finger traced the crevice between my leg and my underwear.
After a while longer, he slipped a finger under the elastic of my underwear and traced the contour of my leg from my hip to my crotch. Back and forth he did this, and by then I was already soaking wet and making soft moaning noises. I was really enjoying the teasing.
After what seemed like an incredibly long time, his fingers found themselves travelling down to my pussy through the leg opening of my underwear, and I heard his breath gasp from the discovery of how wet he had made me. I spread my legs wider. He smeared my juices all over my now-throbbing lips before going to work on my clitoris. I was in heaven.
He rubbed my clit first in slow, soft, arousing circles which increased in pressure and speed ever so gradually. I couldn't help but contract my pussy muscles to the rhythm of his expert and graceful fingers. I continued to moan, and my moans became more urgent as he built up my arousal.
My clit was swollen and aching, and the feeling of his slippery fingers moving across it was incredible. He really had me under his spell, and he was giving me more manual pleasure than I ever could for myself. My back was arching, and my breath was coming quicker and quicker.
His fingers eventually built up to an orgasm-inducing intensity, moving in fast, hard circles. It sent me over the edge. I cried out over and over again and writhed in the throes of a full-body orgasm, hips bucking like mad. His fingers didn't stop. He kept on stimulating me through the length of my orgasm, and he held me in that heavenly state for what seemed like forever.
Eventually I calmed down, and he withdrew his hand, but--as I would soon discover--this was only temporary. I was surprised when he reached for my pussy again, but it was a pleasant surprise.
He pinched my lips through the crotch of my underwear to see if I was up for another round. When I responded by letting out a moan, he slowly built up my desire again by giving my inner lips a teasing, feathery stroke up and down, up and down. I begged for more, and he gave me several repeat sessions.
Not only was this the first time I had had an orgasm with a man, this was also the first time ever I experienced multiple orgasms, something I could never do by myself. Thanks to all the men out there who pride themselves on masturbating women to ecstasy. We appreciate it!



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