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Good Old Days

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I learned about masturbation when I was 10 years old. Up until the time I was 6 and my parents would make me take a nap. Frequently I would play with my penis during my nap. My mother would catch me and tell me that if I didn't stop, my penis would drop off. That scared the heck out of me but not enough to stop me.
When I was 10 a new playmate moved across the street. William was also 10. One day when he was over at my house. My parents we out and we were in our kitchen. He told me he wanted to show me something his older brother had showed me. He took down his pants and asked me to stand on a kitchen chair with my pants down. This was the first time I ever saw an uncircumcised penis
He then started to jerk me off and suck my cock. It felt sooo good. After a while I had a climax. Then he asked me to jerk him off and suck him. I was not keen about putting a cock in my mouth but I jerked him off and he had a dry climax.
Those dry climaxes were unlike any of the ones when I got older and had wet climaxes. Our dicks felt good when the dry climax came but were so sensitive that it hurt to touch them. We made a game out of playing grab a dick after a dry climax. (I have not seen any one on this site talk about ultra sensitive dicks they had when they had dry climaxes.)
I never looked back after what Bill showed me. Bill was a good teacher because he taught all my close friends how to jerk off. One of them was John. John had a tent that he would put up in his back yard. A few of our friends would take sleeping bags over to Johns and we use to sleep over. Those sleep overs were really circle jerks with William sucking our cocks and all of us jerking each other off. After we all climaxed we played grab the other guys sensitive dicks.
We camped out frequently and those camp outs were always circle jerks. When winter came it got too cold to camp out so we would go to each others bed room and jerk each other off. Bill use to suck our cocks but none of the other guys did any sucking.
When I was about 12 my parents moved and I lost contact with all my old friends. Some time later I started to ejaculate. I don't remember it being anything special. One of my friends and I use to jerk each other off. He never wanted me to jerk him off to the point where he climaxed and always insisted in finishing himself off. He would also not jerk me off until I came and also made me finish the job.
One time I got brave and sucked his cock (now I knew what Bill liked). But he always stopped short of coming and would not suck my cock. Once he asked me to let him come in my mouth and if I did he would let me come on his hand. I didn't want him to come in my mouth but I told him if he sucked my cock and come in his mouth I would. He didn't want to suck my cock so that ended that. For a while he and I jerked each other off but never to a climax. We always finished ourselves off.
At about 14 I discovered girls and most of my boy boy sex stopped. All of this was show and touch. I never had penetration sex or masturbation sessions. We were just too ignorant of each other organs and wants. Girls would show their crack but we never thought about asking them to pull open. You could image my surprise when one girl guided my finger to her hole. We planned to have sex when I got a condom but each of us was too afraid to really do it.
During my entire teen age time, my total sex was masturbation. I guess I most to do it every night. My bedroom was next to my parents. At times I would hear them having sex. That was a turn on and I use to keep time with them with my hand. I use to come faster than they did.
When I graduated from high school I went to a State university as engineering major. One day I was walking to class and ran into my old friend John. We were going to the same college!
My last boy boy sex occurred with my childhood friend John. One night I was over his apartment studying for a test. There was another apartment across the path from Johns (about 10 feet). We happen to notice a coed across from his sitting on her bed and reading a book. She was only wearing a baby doll night gown. John turned off his lights and we sat at his window watching her. She had her hand between her legs and was slowly playing with her pussy as she read. After about 15 minutes she had her gown off and was playing with her tits and her pussy. As we watched her she had a climax. I looked over a John and he had his cock out and was playing with himself. I reached over and started jerking him off. He unzipped my pants and started playing with my hard cock.
Without turning his light on we both got into his bed and sucked each others cock. He came first in my mouth. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was so excited that I didn't care and left him cum in my mouth. He kept sucking my cock and left me come in his mouth. We never watched the girl that turned us on and at the end of the semester John left college. That was the only time I left a guy jerk me off and the last time I sucked a cock. I continued jerking off myself though.
Frequently I would wake up at night and hear my room mate jerking off. That would turn me on I would jerk off. I am sure he heard me. We never talked about it nor do anything mutually.
Most of the girls in college would let guys touch them but would not go any further. Oral sex and mutual masturbation was as far as they would go. I licked pussy and they sucked cock. But they wouldn't let me come in their mouth. They were not all that keen about ejaculating on their hands. One of my girl friends finally agreed to sex if I put on two condoms. I agreed. So I lost my virginity in two condoms with her injecting birth control foam in her pussy. We did it several times that way.
I am now 60 years old. I am married and have 3 grown sons. My friend John lives about 600 miles from me an is also married. We visit about once a year. I am sure we both eternally laugh about the things that happened. It was fun growing up.



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