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Going To the Gym

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I always thought gym memberships were a waste of money, but for the short time I had one I really enjoyed the changing rooms...

I've always liked being naked in front of others, even though I'm not the most perfect specimen of a man. When I discovered the gym near me had communal changing I just had to give it a go!

I'm definitely not gay... I could never have an emotional relationship with a guy. But when it comes to sex, I'm willing to admit to a bit of experimentation and the fact that a nice cock is great to look at.

Anyway, at the gym... I probably spent as much time 'changing' as I did actually exercising. I'd go in after a work out and spend a while sorting my stuff out... and checking out other guys dicks. I'm quite paranoid about my own dick size, mostly because I know how much I like the look of big ones.

I'd take all my clothes off and make my way to the shower. By this point I'd be fighting back an erection, but fortunately the showers came on cold for a bit before coming out hot so that would normally sort it out. You could always tell who was there for a shower, and who was there to check out other guys. Some of them would spend ages in the shower just looking around... some would be basically masturbating openly but hide that fact when they saw you looking (presumably through fear of being reported).

I remember one time when there was a young guy, probably about 18 or 19 and clearly there for the first time. He was facing the wall and every now and again he'd look around at the other cocks in the shower room. He wasn't very good at hiding it... I was standing directly opposite him when he finally plucked up the courage to face outwards. It was just me and him in there by that point. As he turned I saw him look at my dick, and of course I looked at his. It was smaller than mine, and he had obviously never shaved his pubic hair as he was very bushy. I took the opportunity to put some more shower gel on myself, rubbing it all over myself to work up a lather. Then I started to clean my dick and balls... very thoroughly! He almost just stood and stared as I did it, and then I noticed he was getting hard. He tried to hide it, but it was no use. In no time at all he was fully erect and made a run for it out of the shower. I don't think he knew that I'd seen it, but I was incredibly horny now and once again fighting back my own erection.

I finished washing and went to get dressed. As I walked in I caught him again, this time having a sneaky wank. The changing room was mostly empty, he was on his own at one end. I'd given up trying to avoid a boner myself so I just wandered over to the area near him and hung up my stuff. This created a nice screen between us so I took the opportunity to play with my now rock hard dick. I got a bit carried away to be honest and hadn't noticed that there was a clear gap that he could see me through. He was furiously masturbating while watching me do the same and after a while I saw him tense and accidentally squirt cum all over his clothes.

He got dressed and left, and I never saw him again. Of all the times I've been in a communal changing room checking out cocks... this was by far the best!



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