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Going It Alone

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Keeping myself happy until I figure out where I am going in life.


A few months ago, I broke up with my boyfriend having had a long relationship. While the ending of the relationship has been a positive thing, there have been many hurdles to get through and things that have changed to get used to. Of course, one of these is sex and orgasm. I very much love having sex and I believe regular orgasm is vital to good health. At the same time, though, it doesn't seem wise at this point to rush back into another relationship and I'm not really interested in having random sex with others. There's nothing wrong with that at all, its just not for me. So, I've had to get pretty creative with masturbation. This site has helped so much. I love reading all the stories and I start imagining the different things I would like to try. I thought I would share one of my recent solo stories.

I seem to become uncontrollably horny after the end of my menstrual cycle. It was over with once again and I was glad! (I hate my periods!) But then here comes all the horniness and it won't be ignored. My clit acts exactly like a small dick, when I get horny I feel it get hard and it actually rises up a little bit, just like a tiny little dick. So when I start getting that female hard-on, its time to act.

The first thing I do is bathe. I am Wiccan so I love to bathe before any kind of ritual, including sex. I can't have sex with another person unless I am totally clean or else I feel inhibited. Well I've found out that I feel the same way about having sex by myself!

I run the water, light some candles, and jump in. The water is warm and feels so good. I let the water lick around my nipples and they start getting hard. I like to duck down in the water far enough to where my nipples stick out like little mountains. The water around them feels so good, kind of like little tongues lapping at them. I listen to music, look at the candles, and let my thoughts wander to where all this is going to lead. I'm getting kind of excited so I go ahead and soap up my body from head to toe and get really clean, though I do spend a few extra minutes on my nipples and cleaning my slit. Finally I am done!

I dry off and head to the bed. I light a candle because I like to see myself but I hate regular lighting. I lay on my bed and look at myself in the mirror. I like to rub along my arms and legs and feel the muscles underneath. Then I bend my legs up in the air so I can reach my feet and massage them. Something about that gets me really horny. Also when I do it I can see my slit in the mirror and I love to start looking at it. I can see my clit starting to swell into sight. But I don't touch yet. First I go to my breasts and rub them. I used to be really into my boyfriend kissing them so now they are sensitive and just to touch them makes me crazy horny. I think my nipples are directly connected to my clit in my body somehow, because everytime I brush my nipples or squeeze them gently, I can feel my clit jump a little bit. Finally my clit is hard as a little rock and begging to be touched. I get up on my knees and reach down to touch it. I treat it just like a dick, I take it in between my fingers and gently pull on it, kind of like jacking it off slowly. I also like to dip my hips down and rub my clit on the bed. I like to look in the mirror and see my clit poking out between the lips of my slit and then rub it.

By then I am really wet and I smell my fingers, I love the smell of my clean slit. But my pussy is empty, I've got to have something in it and suddenly I realize I forgot to get my vibrator. I get off the bed and reach under to find it. I grab a few times but I can't find it! My slit is practically groaning from wanting to be filled up so bad. Desperate, I plop down on all fours and...there it is! I grab it, turn it to a very low setting, and stuff it in, still laying on the floor on all fours. Oh God, that is so much better. I hold it there a minute and then start to slowly work it back and forth inside me. I find I love this little position I'm in, it reminds me of making love doggy-style. Just that thought makes me poke my butt a little higher in the air and work the vibrator a little faster. I imagine I'm with someone special and he's doing this to me so slow with his hard dick.

I want to touch my clit again but its awkward, so I am back up on my knees in no time. I balance the vibrator on the floor with one hand and balance myself against the bed with the other hand, and squat over the vibrator. My juices are running all down the sides as I work myself on it like I would a dick. I look in the mirror and see the lips of my slit grabbing on the sides of the vibrator. I have very strong muscles in my groin and when I am very sexually excited, they start to move and grab. My pussy is squeezing on the vibrator and I begin to finger my clit. I barely touch it, its soaking wet and swollen and to barely brush it is getting me closer to coming. Suddenly, I am there so I dig in rubbing my clit and working up and down on the vibrator furiously. I love it when I come, I gush a little, my pussy lips spasm like crazy grabbing the vibrator, and I have to let out a little cry, it feels so good.

I miss having someone to share my sexuality with but I know it will happen for me again when I am ready. Until then, I'm having a lot a fun and really getting to know myself better! I'm thinking of getting something soon for my anal area so I'll be completely filled up. Whoever my new partner is better watch out because I might be a little too much for him to handle!



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