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Glory of Lingerie

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To continue.....

In my early twenties I was married and whenever I could, dressed up in my wife's undies.

I continued this for a couple of years until the urge to buy some lingerie of my own became too strong to ignore. So plucking up courage I went to a lingerie shop and purchased some fine sexy underwear.

My heart had been racing and I was so nervous, but when I arrived home the excitement was almost overwhelming as they were unwrapped and laid before me.

I quickly undressed, taking the suspender belt, which was red lace and much sexier than my wife's, I fastened it around me. Then the most gorgeous black stockings, I loved these so much more than the tan ones I had been used to.

Finally the g-string panties so much briefer than I had worn before.

I could not believe how I looked. I felt so incredibly sexy and very horny as I admired the reflection in the mirror. I always looked good in my wife's lingerie but now I seemed to have been taken to another dimension. I was wearing the type of underwear that I really loved, the type that I had been masturbating over for years. In a way I felt just like one of those porn models that I had lusted over in my teen years.

Well my cock was now straining at the tiny triangle of bright red lacy material that formed the front of my g-string.

I let it poke out the side and gently rubbed it, the image in the mirror was bizarre this sexy young tart rubbing his/her cock!

Then I pulled the front of my panties down and released my cock and balls. This enabled me to wrap my hand around the shaft and I began to wank myself, slowly at first then the pace quickened as did my breath.

It did not take long for me to reach the point of no return; the days building up to this point had me so excited that I always knew this session would be short.

I was standing about four feet away from the mirror as the first spurt of my thick creamy cum hit my reflection. There were several more spurts but the rest some hitting the floor and the last couple covered my hand with globs dripping onto my panties and the tops of my stockings.

It was a very intense orgasm and I was sorry that it was over so quickly, but I knew that there would be others, and there were, LOTS.

After a few months, I felt the urge to go outside of the home. At first I just pulled my street clothes over the top my lingerie, and walked along the road. It was exciting, I was more aware of my stockings as they rubbed against my jeans. As for my cock it was encased within the lacy fabric and my tight jeans made sure it could not escape. All together it was quite a turn walking past all these people, none of whom knew my guilty, sexy secret.

When I returned home I could not wait to get my street clothes off and have a glorious wank in front of my mirror.

On one of these trips out I decided to go into a public toilet, the idea seemed to me at that time to be quite daring. So I entered one of the cubicles stripped off down to my lingerie, and began to play with myself.

I had been wanking away for about five minutes I guess, when I noticed a rolled up piece of paper sticking out of a small hole in the wall. I was a little shocked and surprised, I hadn't even noticed the hole at all.

Removing the paper I realised it was a note. It read something like this 'you look fantastic would you care to move to the other cubicle, as there is a much bigger hole in it'.

Well this really got my heart racing, I had no idea that somebody had been watching me. This also made very nervous, but also very excited to think that he liked what he saw and wanted to see more.

Anyway whilst I was having this indecision another note popped through, 'please move to other side I want to see more of your stockings etc'.

Eventually I pulled on my clothes, slipped out of my cubicle and into the cubicle the other side of my neighbours.

The hole was big approx four inches in diameter. I could see his face pressed against the hole, so I quickly removed my street wear.

I stood opposite the hole, nervously, not sure what to do. My cock was semi hard, nestling inside my little g-string. I started to rub through the material, I was beginning to relax and enjoy the situation.

I looked at the hole it was dark, but I could just make out his eye, there was fast movement of a dark cock shape I assumed that he was wanking.

The thought of him looking at me and wanking turned me on even more.

My cock was now quite hard so I released it from my panties by pushing them to one side, my cock and balls were now free. Stroking it now, it felt so good, and another man was watching, this was a first for me.

The movement at the hole was quicker now and I could hear some muffled moans. Then he put his mouth to the hole and whispered 'you look so sexy turn around and show me you rear'.

So I obliged and slowly turned round, trying to pose for him as I did. There were some more moans coming from him, this was really making me hot now, I had no idea that I was so much of an exhibitionist.

Facing the hole once more I heard him whisper 'I want to wank that hard cock'. Then two fingers poked through the hole and gestured to me, urging me to put my cock into the hole. I was very nervous about this, so ignored it I just carried on stroking myself.

'Please' he whispered. I crouched down, close to the hole and said 'no I am sorry'.

My heart was pounding at the thought of him stroking my cock, and I really wanted to put it through. But to me this was a big step I had never let another man touch me, or indeed seen or touched another. I was certainly tempted though.

Whilst all this indecision was going on I was suddenly brought back to reality as a very hard circumcised cock poked through the hole.

Now I really had to decide. Staring down at it I realised how good it looked.

I was still stroking my hard on, so I wrapped my other hand around his member. After a few seconds I began to get into the situation and was soon wanking him with all the enthusiasm I could muster, at the same time still pleasuring myself.

I even laid our two cocks together and wrapped both hands around them and wanked ourselves like that, it felt fantastic.

He was now leaking a lot of pre cum and his moaning was getting louder, he tried to pull away but I gripped him a little tighter, I did not want to stop now I was desperate to make him cum.

He soon relented and I continued to stroke and wank him, he felt harder now and was pushing and thrusting. I knew he was close to shooting his load this was so exciting I was now very close myself. I let go of myself and used my favourite hand on him, trying to give him the utmost pleasure, I wanted him to shoot soon!

I was now crouched down with my face close to his cock, working it for all I could, he was moaning and thrusting forward all the time. Although we couldn't see each other the electricity between us was amazing.

His moaning had now changed to a sort of muffled grunting.

Then it happened his first strand of spunk shot over my shoulder, I later realised that he had hit the wall behind me. Them more landed on my shoulder. Spurt after spurt of his warm creamy milk shot out from him. I kept stroking him trying to milk every last drop. I had really surprised myself I was loving this, I wanted more.

It was over all too soon, but the devastation was still a turn on, my hand was covered, there was a large drop of cum on my shoulder that was beginning to run down my front. The floor was a mess as were my stockings, several globs of spunk had hit my legs too.

It was my turn now the events had made more than ready to off load all the cum that had built up inside me.

There was a strong musky smell of his cum, which I now found to be an intense stimulant.

I brought my hand up to my nose and inhaled his scent, it was glorious. I had the idea to wipe that cum over my cock. It was great idea his spunk was so slippery it worked so very well as lubricant, it created such an intense feeling coupled with the smell.

I shot strand after strand onto the wall and he floor, it merged with his cum and there really was an awful mess in this cubicle.

I felt absolutely great and a bit exhausted I had no idea any of this would happen when I walked into that public toilet.

But needless to say I went back again and again and again and............



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