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Glory Hole Adventure

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About ten years ago, just after I got divorced, I experienced a wonderful event. Perhaps out of frustration, or maybe not, I was masturbating a lot. And, although I am not gay, I began to fantasize about having a guy suck my cock. Somehow, I don't recall where, I read or heard about 'glory holes' - holes in the walls of video porn booths, through which one can stick their dick and receive anonymous sex (hand job, blowjob and perhaps even a fuck up someone's ass) from a person in the adjoining booth. I have always been nervous about being seen going into a dirty book store (I'm a teacher), so when I have the rare occasion of traveling out of state, or at least out of my area, I find the local porn shops to purchase jerk off material. While in Florida, I found a store that also had video booths. Behind the counter was an overweight woman in her late forties or so, with big, low-hanging tits. After getting a few dollars worth of quarters, I mustered the courage to ask if any of the booths had glory holes. Apparently one doesn't ask this - you're supposed to just go and check out the booths. But, after staring at me for a few moments, the women said, 'booth 7, last on the left.' I thanked her and as I turned to go, she added, 'but there's nobody down there now.' Then, to my surprise, she said, 'I get off in about a half hour. If you want to wait, you might get lucky.' I couldn't believe what I had just heard, and stammered something like, 'yeah, thanks, I'll just browse a while.' For the next fifteen or twenty minutes I wandered around, my dick pressing against my pants in anticipation. Every once in a while I'd look toward the counter and once our eyes met. She had no expression. Now, this woman was NOT attractive, but for some reason I was incredibly excited with the prospect her sucking my dick through a hole in the wall. Finally, a guy came into the store and said, 'Hi, Marge' (or Hi, Betty or some other old fashion name - curious that I don't remember). Marge or Betty gave me a look, and I knew he was taking over the counter. I walked down to booth 7 and went in. After putting a few quarters in the machine, I looked down to see the hole. My hands were shaking and my legs felt weak. I sat down on the chair and undid my belt. My pants fell to the floor (which I would later regret cause there was a supply of relatively fresh cum on the floor) and I pulled down my underwear. After two or three minutes of listening to my heart pound, I heard someone enter the booth next door. What if it was a guy? 'Shit,' I thought, 'I wanted to experience a blowjob by a guy, but what if he sticks his dick through first?' I wasn't prepared to suck a dick. But, in a few seconds I heard the woman say in a low, hushed voice, 'stick it through.' I approached the wall, tight against it actually (my dick is not that big), and inserted my dick through the hole. As I said, this was not an attractive woman, sort of 'trailer trashy' to be unkind, but when she gently took my dick in her hand it was heaven. She slowly pulled my foreskin back and began to tenderly stroke. As wonderful as it felt, it suddenly occurred to me that she might only jerk me off - I was working myself up to experience a blowjob. Whether it was good form or not, I heard myself beg in a whisper, 'Please suck me.' Without uttering word, she reponded by encirling my dick with her lips. I felt her warm tongue caressing the head of my cock. Over the next five minutes I enjoyed the best blowjob of my life. When I was close to cumming, I let her know. I thought it was only fair to give her the choice of jacking my semen onto the floor of her booth, if she preferred. But, when I exploded she took it all. After I had shot my last spurt, she released my dick and exited her booth. I sat down, actually dizzy from the experience. After pulling my underwear and (messy) pants up - I did, by the way, feel both revulsion and excitement about having other men's cum stains on my pants - I left the booth. 'Marge' was standing at the counter, talking to the guy who had taken over for her. I wanted to say something, thank her, but didn't know how. As I pushed the door of the store open, from behind me I heard her call out, 'Have a nice day, sweetie!' I turned my head and saw that she was smiling. I have jerked off to this memory hundreds of times.



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