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Girls Weekend (4)

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We left off with Kayla and I having some 'Coffee' and finishing with her laying her back on me. Tory has woken up and just joined us downstairs.


While Kayla and I were sitting there with me lightly touching her pussy and drinking my coffee 'Hey Kayla why don't you go and wake Tayler?' Tory say's 'Okay!' Kayla gets pops up turns around and kisses me on the lips and runs upstairs. Tory smacks Kayla's ass as she runs by which made Kayla jump a little, Tory turns to me and smiles 'Why don't you help me make breakfast?' She walks over and puts her hand out I reach out and grab her hand while she pulls me up and wraps her arm around my waist. We walk into the kitchen and start making breakfast when I ask Tory 'So this is where you go every month huh?' she smiles 'Yeah we've been doing this for about four years!' I start laughing when we both hear the distinct sound of Kayla and Tayler having some fun, we both start giggling when Kayla and Tory come down with messy hair and big smiles.

We sat around eating breakfast and talking about our favorite ways to get off, as we finish Kayla and Tayler stay in the kitchen to clean the dishes while Tory grabs my arm and leads me outside. We start walking on a dirt path 'So Tory... why did you ask me to come here with you Kayla and Tayler?' She smiles and brings me in close 'Because when we became roommates I thought you were cute... Then when you asked if I would mind if you were naked all the time, that got me hot! Then when I saw your beautiful body with your big tits it was just awesome. Then your big pussy lips just made me cream my self! I have masturbated to your body so many times!' She starts laughing 'Ever since then I've just wanted to feel your body against mine.' I blush when we arrived at a beautiful secluded location a beautiful stream of water flowing , birds singing, and the wind rustling the leaves. We sat down right next to the stream, this beautiful blonde haired, small titted, puffy nippled women right next to me. We both lean in and passionately kiss.

She lightly put me on the grass while she mounts my thigh and puts her thigh right on my pussy 'mmmmm I love the feel of your big pussy lips!' I look down and noticed right above her pussy she had a tattoo a red heart with the word love across it. She start humping my thigh with my tits moving in rhythm with her thrusting motion, she leans down and starts sucking on my nipples 'mmm Tory' She starts humping a little faster when I start humping her thigh. She gets off and moves her pussy right on top of my pussy we start thrusting into each others cunts slowly as our pussy start oozing cum for lube. She holds me in her arms as were kissing and humping our cunts together my breathing gets deeper her moaning get louder we start going faster. Our tits jiggling in unison she starts moving her hips side to side while I moved mine up and down 'Ohhhh yes, yes, yes, your pussy is perfect!' Tory screams. We start going faster our cunts connecting *fap, fap, fap, fap* our breathing gets heavier.

Our bodies flushed red as we keep humping our cunts our chests glistening with sweat 'yes just like that!' she faintly says. I start feeling my orgasm about to emerge when I feel Tory's pussy start to squirt all over my cunt I see in her face the pure pleasure 'OH....OHHHHHH SHIT YES!' her pussy kept squirting cum all over my pussy I keep humping hers. The sight of her cum all over mine and the wet smacking sounds of our pussies connecting sent me over the edge. My pussy starts to squirt cum all over Tory's pussy as well, we both fall back with our pussies still touching I can feel her pussy oozing cum along with my contracting cunt. We both giggle our hands meet at our pussies as we start cleaning our cunts from each others cum. The taste of her cum and mine sent shivers all over my body. WE lay there, our sweaty bodies exhausted our breathing nice and deep I think to myself... I want more!

I get on my knees and crawl over to her, she picks her head up and just smiles, my pussy above hers I lean in and start kissing her. Her lips tasted of cum, I lean down and start sucking on her puffy nipples in my mouth I have a wonderful taste of cum and sweat 'Ohh my nipples are so sensitive!' she says. I start lightly nibbling on her lovely nipples 'Ae yeahhh' I take my cum soaked fingers and start rubbing her clit slowly but hard 'Aw shit my clit is soooo sore!' our sweaty tits slide against each others as I start rubbing faster 'SHIT!' she screams and moans I insert two fingers into her pussy it wasn't soon after that she starts squirting again! I lick my hand clean and sat her up in my arms we started making out and after 5-10 minutes we took our sweaty self's and went back to the cabin. We enter the find Kayla dildo-ing Tayler 'Hi... WOW you two must have had some real fun!' We smile as Tayler starts having her orgasm and squirting.

We went home Sunday morning. I've made two more lovely friends! So what did you all think? Would you like more?



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