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Girls Weekend (3)

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My last submission left you with a steamy show event and I slept with Tayler. This is Saturday morning.


I woke up early Saturday morning to find Tayler's arm is wrapped around me holding me tight and close to her breasts. We had no blankets on but that didn't matter we were warm just from each others bodies. I quietly and slowly removed her hand which was on my breast and quietly got out of the room. I tippy toed my way down the hall so I wouldn't wake anyone, I went downstairs and into the living room to find the fiery redhead named Kayla. She hasn't seen me yet because she is focused on reading a book so I took this time to observe her. She has to be no taller then 5'7' to 5'8' with dark red hair with D sized tits like myself, she has freckles on her nose and upper chest which is so cute! She has the brightest green eyes I have ever seen. I clear my throat to get her attention She looks up and smiles 'Hi Alison!' I smile and say hello back.

I look her over and notice she's wearing glasses 'I didn't remember you with glasses' she smiles and takes them off 'They're for reading' she puts her book down 'What book are you reading?' She chuckles a little 'Sun Tzu's 'Art of War' have you ever read it?' I look at my feet 'No... but I do know what it's about my dad was historian and he loved that book, that one was always on his desk.' I look up and see her smiling 'You want some coffee?' my face lights up 'YES!' she gets up and starts to walk into the kitchen when she turns to me 'Stay here...' I smile and do what she said and stayed behind on the couch.

As I sat there on the couch in front of the warm fire I hear from the kitchen 'Whip cream?' I though about it 'Yes please!'. In 5 minutes or so she comes back in the living room, coffee in hand with no whip cream I had to take a double take. There was whip cream but not on the coffee oh no she covered her nipples with the whip cream 'Here's your coffee with whip cream and a cherry on top!' She starts giggling and walks over and hands me the coffee. I look into her bright green eyes 'Well normally I take car of the cherry and whip cream first' I put the coffee down and get up. I lean in and we start kissing, our tongues met in the middle and started dancing around each others. I pull away 'mmmmmmm the cherry tasted pretty good' she smiles 'Well you just started' as she points down to her nipples. I lick my lips with anticipation I start licking her right nipple as she moans a little then I started sucking on her nipples then I went over to her left nipple and did the same.

Both of her nipples were erect and hard I start flicking and lightly pulling on her nipples while she continues to moan. I laid her down and got on top of her at her waist I bent down and our boobs met then our lips as we made out for a little while 'I can feel you big pussy lips... they're so exotic' I smile and we went back to kissing. I stopped and took two fingers and got them wet and moved down to her pussy, she starts laughing and giggling. I start rubbing her clit while she moved her hips in a circular motion as I got faster as her hips went faster. I started sucking on her nipples again which made her moan even louder. I got off and moved down so I could get a better position and sight of her pussy I took my other hand and got it wet as well and put two fingers into her cunt while rubbing her clit 'Oh yesssss don't stop!' I could feel her wetness grow as I continued to finger fuck her.

She starts to cream and she gets louder and takes deep breaths 'Faster, faster, faster!' I start pumping my fingers faster and started rubbing harder. While doing this her hips are now going straight up and down which made her tits jiggle in unison 'Oh...shit...' She exhales and on the inhale 'I'm going to cum!' I take my fingers out as her pussy starts cumming like a beautiful white waterfall. I take my hand and get it soaked with as much cum as I could I palce my hand in front of her face as her tongue reaches out and starts licking my hand clean. I sat there on my knees and start laughing 'Okay... hold on I... I got a surprise for you!' She says with a wink. Kayla gets up a runs upstairs and in seconds comes down but before she did she told me to lay down with my eyes closed. I lay down and kept my eyes closed with a smile of eagerness.

I hear her walking towards me and she gets on her knees, she spreads my legs 'are you ready?' I giggle 'yes!' I feel her spread my my pussy lips and inserts a dildo, I open my eyes to see her wearing a strap-on! She grabs my hand as she pushes them above my head while she moves the dildo in and out of my pussy. I instantly start moaning with pleasure while she sucks on my tits, she starts going faster and faster I grab her and put her on the ground, dildo still inside me I start humping the dildo watching her tits giggle in rhythm of my humping which made me wetter. She tells me to get off and get on my hands and knees. I quickly did. She gets behind me and inserts the dildo in my pussy from behind 'Ohhhhh shit yes Kayla yes!' She goes faster and she grabs my tits while continuing to pump the dildo in and out, our bodies meeting *fap, fap, fap, fap* I feel my orgasm build and before it lasts it shots cum all over the dildo and Kayla's tummy.

I take the dildo and sucked it dry from my juices, Kayla licked all the cum off her tummy and smiles. We star laughing and I get up and sat down with my legs apart as my pussy kept contracting and cumming, Kayla gets up and sits in front of my pussy and falls back onto my tits. I grab my coffee in on hand and with the other I start lightly rubbing her pussy as she shakes a little. We start giggling when we hear 'Well, well looks like I missed breakfast.' We look up to see Tory naked with messy hair 'It wasn't breakfast it was coffee' Kayla enthusiastically says.

Cumming soon part 4



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