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Girls Weekend (2)

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Tayler helps me out of the lake she grabs my ass while we walk into the cabin. Tory goes into the living room and turns the fireplace on and sits in front of it with her legs apart exposing her wet pussy to the warmth of the flame 'So! who's going to shower first?' I raised my hand 'Oh! me... I need to clean myself up.' She smiles 'Okay head upstairs and it's your first left.' I take my bag and headed upstairs and found the bathroom I step into an amazing bathroom, the walls were wooden with black marble tile I looked for a light switch when I found a little bar. I pushed it up, it went from sun rise to complete sunshine I pushed it down to sun rise again 'Mood lighting... awesome!' I step into the black tiled shower and turned it on to semi hot I looked around but could not find a curtain so I just continued my shower.

I started to lather my body with strawberry scented body wash I started at my tits and moved down to my belly until I hit my somewhat sensitive pussy. I started to get a little horny again but not enough for me to do anything about it when unexpectedly I feel two hands on my shoulders turn me around to see Tayler! She leans in and starts french kissing me, her eyes closed mine wide open with shock until I accepted it and started tonguing her back. She stops 'You didn't think you were going to shower alone did you?' I look at her '...yeah... but this is so much better?' She bites her bottom lip and smiles. It was getting hotter and hotter by the minute, steam was starting to build when she forces my my back up against the shower wall. She takes her hand and starts rubbing my clit 'I LOVE your big pussy lips!' She then moves down and starts sucking and lightly biting my nipples while she keeps rubbing my pussy. I start moaning quietly when she forces me around, now I'm facing the wall as she starts kissing my neck and continues to rub my clit a little harder and faster.

My breathing has quickened my moaning is louder and I hear my pussy juices squishing as she rubs my cunt 'You like that don't you?' She says as she goes faster 'Yes...ohhhh... yes harder!' She goes faster and harder then pust two fingers in my cunt hole. She removes her hand from my tits 'Are you ready to cum?' I faintly reply with a 'Yeahhh' she kisses my lips. Still fingering me with one hand she takes one finger and inserts it in my asshole! I yelp in pain and pleasure 'First time?' she whispers in my ear 'Y...Yeah' She keeps fingering my pussy and ass when my orgasm rushes out of my body, my pussy contracting around her fingers and for the first time my ass contracting around her one glorious finger! I squirt white cream all over her fingers and palm. I turn around and start licking her her hand clean 'Hey! save some for me!' She takes her hand back and licks the rest of it clean. While she is eating my cum I look deep into her eyes with lust.

She stands there giggling with anticipation. Tayler, a 5'6' brunette with small pierced tits along with her clit. I lunge forward as she jumps up and wraps her legs around my waist with her back up against the wall. I take both hands and start pulling and pinching on her nipples 'mmmmm... shit!' she says with pleasure. She starts humping my belly, I could feel her pierced pussy move up and down, down to my pussy and up to my bellybutton. She starts moaning as I kiss her neck I was laughing a little because her pussy tickled my belly. She keeps humping away as she takes one of my hands and leads it to her butt I inserted a finger into her asshole and just held it there. While she was humping my tummy my finger would go in her butt without me having to do anything. We start kissing when she gets faster and her moaning gets louder, she tries to say something 'M-mor' I knew exactly what she wanted I put two fingers in her butt while she kept humping away 'YES!' she scream. She goes faster in short bursts until I feel warm liquid on my tummy. She limps down and I put her on the floor.

I look down to see my belly is covered in pussy juices. I stand over her legs shoulder length apart, hands on my waist 'Well... did you have a good cum?' She looks up at me with a big smile 'Why yes I did!' She gets on her knees, grabs my ass and looks up at me. She takes one hand and wipes my belly clean from her cum, without breaking eye contact she licks her hand clean. She gets up on her tippy toes and starts kissing me, we both exited the bathroom with steam escaping the room. We headed downstairs in each others arms and sat in front of the fire to dry off. Tory and Kayla look at us and start giggling 'So how was your shower?' She asks with a wink. Tayler and I looked at each other and just smiled. Kay;a pops up 'Well I'm going to take my shower!' She runs off, Tory gets up 'Tayler just lay back and relax I got to show Alison to her room.' She leads me upstairs when we run into Kayla who is in front of the bathroom 'Hey! it smells like sex and strawberries in here!' I grin and as we walk past Tory smacks Kayla's ass.

She takes me to the third door on my right 'This is where you'll be sleeping.' I open the door and threw my stuff inside and went back down to find Tayler spread eagle and sleeping. Tory and Kayla were having there shower and I was feeling exhausted and I decided to go to sleep. I couldn't just leave Tayler there so I picked her up and put her in my bed. I get in and start spooning her as I fell asleep.



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