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Girls Do Understand

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A fantasy come true with just a little inspiration.


My sexy sister-in-law and I have been very close as I was growing up and just when I was turning thirteen, the hormones were working overtime and I found I was horny all the time. I always looked forward to the holidays when we would get together with the family; she always seemed to dress up in a skirt or dress and her legs were covered with nylons. This always made me hard for some reason.

Well as time went by and I had the chance to sit for my niece's at her place, I would find myself, after putting the kids to bed, going through her nylon collection in her dresser. I always found them so sexy and would jerk off to them whenever I could. A few times I would take a few home for use in the next couple of days. After a year or so, you can imagine the collection I had.

When I had turned seventeen, and was back over there again to sit for the kids, I decided tonight was the night I would reveal my secret to her and maybe have her put on a part of hose just for my imagination. Well, she arrived back from dancing around 11:00pm and after we talked briefly on the couch, I decided now was the moment.

I started off by asking her if she had been missing anything lately. I guess she was a bit confused and explained that a misplaced hairbrush was all she could think of. I held her eyes with mine for a moment before putting out a small lunch bag overfilled with her nylons and politely handed them over saying these were hers.

She had a sly smile to her face and wanted to know why I had taken them. You got to believe me when I tell you my heart was pounding a mile a minute. I explained to her that I had always had dreams (not explaining wet) of her wearing nylons and that I wondered with her help could she help explain them to me. You see, I loved hearing a woman explain why she likes to wear them. As we began to talk, I handed a few pictures from my collection of her, of different occasions where I had taken them of her dressed up and her legs and feet covered in tan hose. I told her that I would get a funny feeling whenever I saw them. She giggled and then told me what I had was a nylon fetish. I was totally shocked by her answer, because I had never heard the term fetish before.

I then asked her if she would be willing to let me massage her feet with a pair of knee-highs on. Again she smiled and said sure. I was in total heaven watching as she placed each one over her sexy feet. The reinforced toe section drove me over the top. As she sat back on the couch, I settled down on the floor lying on my stomach and gazing upwards at her feet. After the first few minutes I asked if she wouldn't mind closing her eyes, because I felt so embarrassed. She agreed and I was quickly feeling the hard on growing below me.

As I continued to have her talk about nylons, what a fetish was and so on, I quickly straightened myself in my pants to get the full effect of grinding the floor as her toes were mere inches away from my face. I continued to rub them, wondering what it would be like to lick them, and getting totally into the moment. As she sat there enjoying the massage, I was able to release my hard on from the pant I was wearing and expose it totally underneath me. My plan was to place her foot down on the floor and ride it. I watched in excitement as I moved closer to her foot, glancing down to my tip only an inch away. She must have realised what I was up to, because she pulled back her foot, told me I was her brother-in-law, and that I could only massage her feet. Crashing back down, I asked if she would let me kiss her foot. She agreed and as I took in her toes, I came below really hard.

After a few moments, she got up and walked towards the kitchen. I quickly sat up and cleaned up the best I could. She returned with a damp towel and asked if I would need this. I reached for the towel, cleaned up the floor as she watched me with great detail. Nothing was said, as I left a few minutes later to go home. But a week later when she came to where I work, she told me as she winked, if I ever wanted to massage her feet again, to just call. Needless to say, I did more than once.



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