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Girls Are Curious Too

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Periods, periods, fucking periods! The only thing my mum ever talked about. Dealing with them, keeping 'clean' down there... no talk of sex, of masturbation, or pleasure, just the nightmare that is a girl's emergence into womanhood.


But then there was the girl's changing rooms at school. By the time I got to 15, I heard about where a boy is supposed to stick his 'thing' 'cock' 'dick' 'prick' whatever word was used. I heard about erections, a boy getting a 'stiffy' 'wood' 'hard-on'. Oh how all those words excited me! But I had no idea what it looked like. None at all.

That's not to say I hadn't seen a cock. My brother (twin) and I grew up together so I had seen that little thing dangling there. I heard talk from some girls about how much it hurt the first time, and from others how great it feels to have 'a fucking huge cock in your cunt', but I didn't think that something that small could possibly hurt anyone. Still, I was curious....

And also inventive, devious, michievous, whatever. So, I decided to spy on David and see. I knew there were times he would retreat to his room and lock the door. I would sometimes hear him breathing heavy or even moaning a little and it didn't take me long to work out what he was up to.

So, an airvent in a cupboard allowed me to find out more. I learned that I could see in whenever I wanted, and as my airvent was on a wall his side, he couldn't stop me seeing him, but all I had to do was close my closet door to stop him seeing me.

One Thursday, after school, we got home together. 'Going to my room' he muttered in his usual surly way. I let him go then scampered upstairs to my secret place. He mooched around his room a while then pulled up a photograph or movie on his PC. Then he stood facing the monitor which was on the wall under my spyhole. He undid his pants and dropped them.

AND HOLY FUCK! that little acorn of a cock had sure changed. It looked hard, angry, solid, and a good six inches long. But what was most surprising was the width! I bet I couldn't have gotten my hand around it. NOW I understood what the girl who said 'Getting fucked for the first time is like trying to get a tree up your hole.'

He started to wank, slowly at first, but then faster and faster. I saw the end go glistening wet with what I now know is pre-cum. He kept slowing down, again, something I know now as edging. Then, he reached under his bed and pulled out a pair of panties. For a second, I actually thought they were mine, but they weren't. He smelt them and then shot his load high into the air. He didn't care where it went either. Some landed on the floor. He just kept those panties to his face and kept pumping until there was nothing left to come out.

I literally slipped into my bedroom. Slipped because I was so wet it was running into my panties and my whole crotch was soaked.

A couple of seconds later, I was cumming as well. I wasn't thinking of my brother, exactly, just a hard cock spunking. I pushed a finger in me too and that hurt. I can't imagine taking anything that size in me ever.

Later that afternoon, he went out and I snuck into his room and found the panties. I don't know whose they were, but he had left some of his cum on the ass of them. I half wondered what he liked about smelling them so I tried it. I kinda get it in a way, it smelt of a girl's pussy, you know? But I liked the smell of sperm more than I can say!

WOW, what it must be like to have that power over a boy to make him shoot over you!

So, I now know there is a whole lot more to 'becoming a woman' as mum puts it than 'keeping clean down there.' In fact, sometimes, it's kinda nice to be messy there!

I need to go jill off again now.



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