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Girlfriend and I Make Each Other Cum at the Movie Theater.

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True story of playing with each other at a movie.


Jessica posted a great story recently about her challenge to masturbate in a theater. It reminded me of a theater experience I had several years ago. I've shared this with a couple of friends on the site and I thought others would enjoy it also.

I had a girlfriend years ago who was the most sensual, uninhibited and horniest girl I've ever known. She was extremely attractive with a great body. She was about 5'5" tall, 110 lbs with blonde hair and blue eyes. She had small breasts which were only encumbered by a bra when at her office job and she had a perfect tight butt. We dated for less than a year when we were both in our mid twenties but in that time we accumulated a lot of great sexual experiences that I've relived many, many times. We had absolutely nothing in common except for our love of wild sex.

One warm summer New England night we decided to go to a movie. It was a smallish local theater which was about one third full. I had an aisle seat and my girlfriend who I'll call Jane, was sitting on my left. When the movie started my left hand and her right hand were positioned casually on each others thighs. Jane had her legs crossed and was wearing a cute fairly short sundress and I was wearing a pair of shorts. A few minutes into the movie, I started to get horny with my hand on her bare thigh. Her legs were creamy soft but well toned. My hand started to roam and I quickly moved it under her dress. She kept her legs crossed while I slid my hand up to her panties. I figured she would probably push my hand aside seeing we were in public but I didn't care. It was worth finding out. At first she didn't help me out or encourage me but after a couple of minutes she put both legs on the seat and parted her knees slightly. That's when I knew we were going to have fun.

The positioning was still a little awkward. We were trying not to draw attention to ourselves so we kept staring forward at the screen. There were other people in our row but several empty seats separated us from them. My hand was in a slightly awkward position as I had to rotate my hand backwards to slide up her thighs. I couldn't really use my right hand across my body without telling everyone in the theater what we were doing.

I slid my hand completely up her legs until I was touching the outside of her panties. I played with her through her panties just casually running a finger up and down her slit. It was evident she was getting very wet. I kept up this light stroking for quite a while occasionally glancing at her face to see her expression. Her eyes were vacantly fixed on the screen but neither of us could tell what was happening on the screen. I pressed my finger into her pussy pushing her panties inside of her. She let out a slight gasp. I took my hand away, leaned over and whispered to her to take her panties off. She willingly lifted her butt and pulled her panties down. They fell to her ankles and she leaned over, picked them up and put them in her purse. While leaning over, I took the opportunity to put my hand in her dress and give her nipples a rub.

When she sat back up, her legs were further apart than before. My hand went right back up her thighs and directly to her pussy. This time I put my middle finger in deep immediately. She inched forward a little to pull it in as much as possible. Jane put her right hand on my lap and rubbed my hard cock through my shorts. I don't know if we had drawn any attention to ourselves but by that point we didn't really care. I helped Jane unbuckle my belt and open my zipper. She put her hand in and grabbed my cock. Still using only one hand each we were now fully into a single goal of masturbating each other until we came. She put her hand on my balls while I went back to putting my fingers into her pussy. I slid them in and out occasionally taking them out to rub her clit. She frenetically started jerking my cock. I was pumping her faster and faster. When she put her left hand under her dress to rub her clit I knew she was very close. She came first with her eyes shut and her mouth open. She didn't make any noises other than breathing hard. This was a challenge for her as she loved to cum loudly and talk dirty while doing it. After a few moments of recovery she devoted her attention back to my cock and stroked me until I came in her hand. She took her panties from her purse and cleaned me up as best as possible.

We buckled up, gathered our things and quickly left the theater without making eye contact with anyone else.
When we got outside we were both exhilarated. Jane quickly loved the feeling of being outside with only a dress and shoes on. No bra, no panties and feeling the warm night air on her pussy. It was still early so we made another stop that night but I'll save that for another story.



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