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Girl Diddling in Stall Nextdoor

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A voyeur of sorts...


This is an experience that happened about 20 years ago at my first year of college. I was in the restroom just doing my business, when I realized something interesting was happening in the stall next to me. There was another female doing what I believe to be 'different' business. I kept hearing the stall walls rattling (old school) and was very curious what would make them rattle the way they were. I noticed that the feet in the stall next to mine were curiously wide apart. Without actually looking under the wall to see what was happening, I positioned myself so that I could just see the feet and legs moving rhythmically in a way that you just don't do if you're just going pee. Then I noticed that the movement was getting faster and faster and accompanied by grunts and groans that were in rhythm with the leg/feet movement. Fascinated, I realized that this girl was masturbating right there in the stall! Being somewhat new the this practice, I was enthralled that somebody had the nerve to do this in a public toilet! The more she moved and grunted, the more turned on I became, and decided to follow suit. This went on for several minutes and I thought I was going to blow, but not before she did. Faster and faster she went, and louder and louder she was with her grunts and groans, and before long, I saw her feet disappear, and peered even closer under the wall to see her legs stretched out before her shaking uncontrollably! As she was shaking, she must have reached around to flush the toilet to muffle her even louder grunts but the toilet was not functioning properly, and she grunted so loud and repeatedly, that the other women in the restroom became silent, and also became aware what was happening in this stall! I tried so hard to muffle my own sounds so I tried to time it with hers so she would drown me out. She must have come really hard, because her feet were planted against the door of the stall and shaking very hard! I couldn't believe that I was jilling along with somebody else, who may or may not have been aware how loud she was when she orgasmed! I came very hard myself, and didn't know what to do! I wanted to wait until she left first so the other women would know that is was her and not me, but she took so long to compose herself. Before long, I realized that she was into round two. She must have been very horny, but I wanted to get out of there so fast. I did compose myself, not ready to match her again and quietly left the stall. The other women just looked at me strangely and I just walked out...I still get aroused when I think about this experience and masturbate to it often, as I am doing right now...must finish...



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