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Getting Your Kicks on Route

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A true story


Back when I was younger I had a really sexy boyfriend who we'll call Sam. It was impossible for us to keep our hands off each other in private or public and we'd often have cars screech past us in the street with kids hanging out the windows saying 'Get a room!!'.

Once we were coming back from a long weekend on Cape Cod and we had a 12 hour car journey back to Canada and even after four days of solid sex, sex and more sex... this long journey with nothing to do but breathe each other in, the miles of open road, the sultry evening air, the smell of salt, sea and sex oozing from our pores.... it was too much..... I looked over at Sam and, stroking his dirty blonde air with one hand, moved the other up the arm of his t-shirt, caressing the beautiful muscles on his arm letting my fingers slide inside to feel the sweat in his armpit (he smelt and tasted good everywhere). I then lifted his t-shirt and let my fingers travel over his firm stomach and down to his crotch where I could see the outline of his now swollen cock. I rubbed the hard bulge through his jeans.

'Honey, is this going to distract you?'. He was driving and smiled..

'Uh, no, I think I can handle it'

I undid his jeans and felt inside for his beautiful, naked cock and started to rub his shaft. Up and down I went, slowly and deliberately. Up to the tip, teasing the top, up and over, back and forth with my palm, teasing it, squeezing it. It looked so good, erect, with little glistenings providing enough juice to make it slide easily through my fingers. I wriggled nearer him wanting to take the swollen head to my lips and tongue. The thrill and danger was turning me on.

'I think I'd better put the car on cruise control' he said sitting back in his seat, a little edgy now but wanting me to go on. His eyes were fixed on the road with both hands on the wheel. We were doing at least 90 km on the highway (the things you do in your youth!). I remember a very large black truck was very interested in what was going on in our car as he kept chasing up to be level with us ...

I decided it was probably safer to stick to a hand job and it didn't take long for me to bring Sam to climax and I remember the spunk came spurting out and onto the half-open window. We both laughed to see his cum making its bid for freedom and flying out onto the highway.

A few nights previously Sam had made me cum driving through Boston. We were lost, I was horny and writhing around in my seat, squeezing and rubbing my thighs together to try and relieve the pressure, wanting to have sex and not interested in map reading. He managed to drive his way around Boston with his hand in my crotch, rubbing my clitoris just the way I liked it, a gentle teasing kind of flicking action at first and bringing me slowly to an intense climax with more pressure, letting me grind myself into his hand. I had my feet up on the dashboard and was totally oblivious to anyone around me. Hell, hadn't anyone in Boston seen a woman have an orgasm in a car before?

It was quite the liberating summer and made me realise how much of an exhibitionist I can be at times and how much fun masturbating with your lover is. Thanks Sam!



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