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Getting Watched Some More

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Almost everybody thinks I'm a good girl. Almost everybody is wrong.


As I wrote about in my last story, I'm the kind of girl who isn't really what she appears to be. I always got good grades, did my chores and acted responsibly and modestly. You might be surprised by someone like that showing her boobs to her own father and then jacking him off to completion (onto her face!) while they were "watching TV" in the family room. But that's who I am. This all happened earlier this summer. I'm home from college, and after a sexually adventurous year at school, I came home feeling totally connected with my wild side. None of this was planned, but none of it surprised me either. I'm a freak, I know it.

Let me explain one thing. My mom, while I love her, is not a nice person. It's not that she's particularly mean. It's just that she's not at all warm. It's not that she treats my dad badly. It's just that she doesn't seem to care about him at all. My giving my dad that treat that night while watching TV was my way of giving him something exciting, showing him some love and some great sex, two things I know for a fact he's not getting from my mother. I haven't sucked my dad yet, but I'm going to, and it's going to be good. And I haven't fucked him yet either, but when the opportunity arises, I'm going to do that too, and it's going to be fantastic.

I'm getting wet writing this. As I said, since I'd gotten home from college I'd been keeping him in a state of near constant arousal, not by being naked around him but by being very inadequately clothed around him. It was on the very next day that I started showing my dad my pussy, and it's a fantastic pussy, too. It's round and puffy and I keep my hair trimmed short, just like it's been since I was much younger, so you can see everything about my pussy but still see that it's not a little girl's. It's absolutely delicious. I wish I could do myself. Not that I showed him directly. It was way more fun than that. Well, I did get to the point that I pretty much stopped wearing underwear around the house all together. I usually wear these little sun dresses or skirts and sleeveless tee-shirts.

That next night my dad and I were watching TV in the family room, and my brother and mom were there, too. I was lying on the floor on my stomach, my knees bent and my feet up in the air. I was in complete control of the view and set it up so that, if I let him, my dad could see right up the back of my dress and watch my pussy as I rocked my legs up and down. But no one else could. And was I ever getting wet. Well, as usual, my mom and my brother headed off to bed, my mom to go to sleep and my brother probably to jerk off (more on that some other time), so it was just dad and me in there.

Usually he turns the lights down low but that night he kept them turned way up . . . so he had a better view up my dress, of course. I was teasing the fuck out of him, letting my dress ride up just so far that he'd get a hint of my naked ass and pussy but not be able to get a really satisfying look at it. Occasionally I'd ask him random questions about the show or family stuff just to hear him try to croak out a response. I was surprised he hadn't come in his pants yet. I didn't gradually show Dad more. After a while I simply turned back to look at him over my shoulder and with both hands pulled my hem up to my waist so my entire ass was exposed to him. And I spread my legs, showing my dad my sopping wet pussy.

He made no bones about it. He openly stared. I looked at him and continued rocking my legs for a bit. Then, without saying a word, I turned toward him, got on my knees and pulled my dress over my head, leaving me completely naked before him. On my hands and knees I closed the distance between us and stopped at the couch, between his slightly spread legs, staring him directly in the eye. I reached both hands around and pulled his shorts (yes, those same shorts!) down in one smooth motion, leaving dad naked from the waist down and with a raging hard on. His cock, I think I mentioned, is very nice. Yeah, I wanted to suck him again, to take his beautiful dick into my soft mouth and feel its hardness against my tongue and soft pallet. He would have lasted, I'm certain, all of ten seconds before coming in streams in my warm, soft mouth.

That's what I was thinking as I took him into my hands and started stroking him. At one point I lowered my face toward his cock, and I know he thought I was going to suck him. But instead I let a big stream of drool drip down onto his big head for lube. Twenty strokes later and he was shooting, all over my face and naked chest. When he was done, I stood up, waited for him to look at me, and drew my middle finger up my soaking slit. I then took that finger and fed it into Dad's mouth, letting him taste me. I leaned in and put my lips on his, feeling the warmth of his mouth on mine, and we kissed, and not the kiss of a father and his little girl. It was a kiss of lovers to be, or worse, of lovers to be that should not be. This happened last Tuesday. And it's going to happen again.



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