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Getting Turned on at the Gym

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A few months ago, I started getting back in shape by controlling my diet and going to the gym every morning. I lost about 35 pounds - back to my high school weight and general appearance - 175 pounds, 32-inch waist. It felt great and I realized I was going to be sticking with the program, so I went and bought some new workout clothes.

I probably was hornier than I should have been at the sporting goods store because I noticed several girls - probably late teens, maybe college students - smiling at the and checking me out as I looked through the running shorts. Instead of going for the usual long, baggy lacrosse shorts I have worn for years, I decided to buy some snug, short nylon running shorts and a short, tight pair of spandex bicycle short. I admit, I was imagining my cock getting hard in these shorts in front of the girls and that was the reason why I did it - sort of a weird reason, but if you want to be horny all the time, try losing a lot of weight and you'll understand what I mean. It just revs you back up like you're a teenager.

Anyway, I got home and jerked off and suddenly I was like - what did I buy these for? It seemed ridiculous to think that I would wear them to work out since they were so revealing. The next morning at 5:00 a.m., though I put the running shorts on for the first time. My legs looked great - toned and firm - and I could see the outline of my thick, semi-stiff cock.

I was getting turned on looking at myself! Weird. I'd never been an exhibitionist ...

The gym is pretty empty at 5:30 when it opens except for a few seriously committed workout types and a couple of totally hot type-A women who are always on the elliptical machine.

When I got on the elliptical, I was already half hard and noticably wet through the fabric of my shorts. I just felt ... well ... sexy. What I didn't realize was how obvious it was.

The motion of my thickening cock rubbing against the smooth material of the shorts and the sight of my meat and my legs in the mirror was turning me on so much! I realized I was getting more and more precome and soon I would be so hard that there was no hiding it. I almost didn't care - but luckily, I still had a little shame. I thought one of the turbo girls on the elliptical snickered as I walked uncomfortably back to the locker room.

I was starting to lose control and I was going to need to come soon. I decided I would masturbate in the shower, even though the doors are low and you can see over them into other stalls. I just wasn't going to be able to finish my workout otherwise.

There was another shower running, so I figured I would have cover for the deed and it wouldn't take long to empty myself now.

I pulled off my shorts and admired my cock in the empty locker room, now at a full banana-shaped erection standing out from my body, red and throbbing and dripping filaments of precome all over. I wrapped my towel around my waist, sealing the package in but hiding nothing, and headed to the shower, already imagining the blonde on the elliptical kneeling before me...

When I dropped my towel and hung it on the hook outside the shower stall, I realized how much it turned me on to have my hard cock totally exposed in the empty locker room. Bravely, I turned around to survey the scene...

I have to jerk off before I can finish this story. This just happened last week and the memories are still too fresh. I'm at work as I type this and I need to sneak away ... more soon.



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