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Getting the Good Feeling

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First of all I just want to say how fantastic this new site is. I have always enjoyed visiting Solo and get this pleasant tingle in my balls just from seeing that there are new stories posted. My crotch is just waiting for what it knows is 'coming'. ;-)
So I thought I'd take a moment to write my story since I've gotten so much enjoyment out of everyone else's contributions. I remember my first time, I was about 10 or 11...I've read lots of stories about learning from older siblings, but I actually had a younger brother who would play with himself all the time. Mom and dad would find him and yell at him to stop, plus it just seemed like such a funny thing to want to do anyway. But he kept doing it...so I figured wow, there must be something really great about it! Finally, my curiosity was so strong that I decided to try putting my hand down my pants myself and giving it a shot. I began to gingerly fondle my penis and balls. After a moment, I felt this very slight tingle, nothing particularly incredible but I thought, oh, that's kinda nice, so I kept going. Over time, I guess I instinctively kept gradually rubbing a little harder and faster and the tingle kept getting stronger and stronger, to the point that it was becoming quite enjoyable. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, my crotch exploded with this goooooood feeling!!! It was unlike any other sensation I had experienced before. Not only was it pure ecstacy in my immediate groin area, it felt as if my genitals were pumping pleasure out in waves to every last inch of my young body. Unfortunately it was all over way too quickly, but I now I understood what was so great about playing with oneself! And I vowed at that moment that it wouldn't be the last time I got that feeling!!! Fortunately I found in subsequent sessions that I could reproduce the same effect.
So over the next year or so, a few times a week I'd be struck with an urge to 'Get the Good Feeling' as I called it. So I'd put my hand down my pants, I'd play with myself for a while, and eventually my body would be overtaken by the delicious sensations I so craved. By the way, I had I guess a somewhat unusual technique at the time...unlike the 'standard' male stroking of the erect penis, I would more fondle my balls and sack, fingertips massaging my scrotum, for my masturbatory stimulation. It wasn't a conscious choice, this was just what I had stumbled on to as a means to this amazing pleasure.
Anyway, one time after I Got the Good Feeling, I noticed my underpants felt wet and sticky. I didn't think too much of it, but when the same thing happened after my next few moments of masturbatory ecstacy, I came to the conclusion that playing with myself now produced not just good feelings but also some kind of liquid as well. I had had sex ed in school, so I then pretty quickly put 2 and 2 together and realized that what I was doing was like sex, that 'Getting the Good Feeling' was really called an orgasm, and that the sticky fluid coming out of my penis along with the pleasure was the semen that I was ejaculating as part of my climax.
Not that this realization exactly stopped me from masturbating or made me want the good feelings of orgasms any less. In fact, this was right around the time I was starting to notice girls anyway, so it all 'came' together and I masturbated more frequently (easily once a day) and found that if I thought about whatever girl I had a crush on at the time, it made masturbation feel even better throughout the session and it also made it easier to attain my peak of sexual pleasure and excitement as well.
I think masturbation is more addictive than drugs (fortunately a lot healthier though :-). Literally from that first time I got off with my hand in my pants, I have masturbated regularly and still do it on an everyday basis today. I can't imagine life without the pleasure and release of masturbation and orgasms. When I first went off to college, I figured since I'd be sharing a dorm room I'd better quit 'cold turkey' since I could never be assured of privacy. I went just over a week--longest I've ever gone--then I just had to touch myself. As a compromise, I decided it'd be OK if I played with myself a little to get some pleasure but didn't come. That worked once, but then the next time a day later, I put my hand in my pants again, and my balls were so full of semen that they were ready to take advantage of any genital stimulation they could get! After about five seconds of gently fondling myelf I started shooting what seemed like a gallon of come out of my penis. While my initial reaction was disappointment that I was starting down the path of climaxing when I had intended not to, my balls were so thankful for the chance to release their hot, sticky contents that they rewarded me with a spectacularly pleasurable orgasm. Normally a come gives me intense pleasure in my genital area, and a nice warm tingle and melting away of tension throughout my body. But this time, my whole body felt the kind of pleasure normally reserved for my groin, and ooooooooohhhhhhhhh, the feeling I got in my crotch!!!
So anyway, I want to thank all the contributors, especially the ladies, who have given me sooooo much pleasure from masturbating at my computer while reading your stories. The thought that maybe just one woman might read this account, feel a tingle and moistness between her legs that compels her to put her hand down her pants, and play with herself until she comes is enough to make me start masturbating right now...
Aaaaaaaaaahhh, I just Got the Good Feeling! :-)



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