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Getting off With Osteopathy

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I'd hurt my neck in an exercise class and made an appointment with an osteopath near to my home on my way home from work. It was my first time I'd been to this place and it was an old house, fairly run down with a very large black cat winding its way around the legs of the chairs in the waiting room. There was no one else there and it was very quiet. I am not a big magazine reader and have a thing for cats so was down on my hands and knees stroking it when a light step entered the waiting room and the doctor was standing above me. He seemed amused to see me in that position. He was of Indian origin, about my age, lean, gorgeous and extremely sexy. I had not been expecting a vision like that! He said my name and, feeling electricity in the air, I got up and followed him into his room. (I should mention that I had been divorced for several years at this time and had had only a few fleeting sexual experiences with men, one night stands etc. As a red-blooded female with a healthy libido, I was in a state of perpetual horniness.)

His office was a large wood-panelled room and he had a picture of the Buddha on the wall and a tank with fish in it. It had a relaxing and sexy vibe. We sat for a few minutes and he asked me what the problem with my neck was etc. The conversation felt a bit awkward and neither of us seemed able to concentrate. The attraction between us was palpable.

He got up and with his back to me asked me to take my top off. My fingers trembled as I began to unbutton my blouse. I realised I was wearing a very skimpy, lacy, see-through pink bra! He asked me to stand in the middle of the room and was looking at my body. My nipples began to harden and I could hear an inner voice saying 'Behave yourself... please! You're in a doctor's office!'.

Do you have anything to tie your hair up with?' he asked me. I didn't. I suddenly felt conscious of my hair all over my bare shoulders. The next minute he deftly scooped up all my hair in one hand and with the other started to rub the nape of my neck. I gasped and lost balance. The warmth of his hand and the sudden sensuality of him grabbing my hair and body made me weaken at the knees. He stopped.

'Perhaps you'll be better lying on the table?'. He suggested I remove my (quite tight) skirt as it would be awkward getting on and off the table. I slid out of my skirt and was now only in a skimpy bra and even skimpier piece of lace, known as a g-string, covering my pussy.

I lay on the table thinking this was the most fun I'd had in ages. He asked me if he could rub some oil on me (DO I MIND?). I wondered what he must be thinking having this horny almost naked woman lying in front of him. He seemed very serious now and started to get to work. It was unbelievably hot. The feel of these warm hands on my neck and the oil slicking and slurping it's way into the tissue and bones of my shoulders and waist... it sent shocks of pleasure right though me. My pussy was getting very wet and starting to throb. My breathing started to get heavy and I began to let out gentle moans.

'Can I undo this?' he asked, touching my bra clasp on my back. My now flushed face was buried in the hole on the table and I wished I could have bitten my hand or something to stop these moans of pleasure escaping as he worked his way down my body. When he got to my lower back I thought I was going to scream. I wanted to grind my hips into the table I was so turned on and wanted him to touch my now soaking wet pussy. His hands didn't stop at my lower back and went right onto my bare ass.

'OH MY GOD' I thought. What was going to happen next? This can't be normal osteopathic treatment? He said that there was a lot of tension in my right buttock and that he would have to massage it as the area around the hips and pelvis can sometimes be the cause of neck problems. He worked his way deeper and deeper into my right cheek and the pain and pleasure started to overtake me. I instinctively parted my legs. I couldn't stop myself. Taking my cue he moved lower and his fingertips started working their way into my upper thigh and brushing the pubic hairs escaping from the edge of my thong. He was massaging really fast now and any moment I thought he was going to go for my pussy.

I was biting my lip now to stop myself from crying out. Was he going to? I thought I would die of frustration if he didn't, so I decided I would have to take the situation into my own hands. I got up and turned over letting my bra fall to the floor and said.

'Would you do my front now?' I could see his face now for the first time and he looked as flushed and excited as I was. I wriggled down on the table, lifting my hips off. That was the area that really wanted the attention. He went down my belly, rubbing and stroking me gently, lightly brushing my pussy with his fingers and onto my thighs. He raised one leg so it was slightly bent on the table and started to rub my inner thigh. He took more oil into his hand and started to rub hard. I thought I was going to pass out. My pussy by this point was about to explode. I was gripping onto the sides of the table and breathing so hard and swallowing, licking my lips and trying to find some moisture in my mouth. Moisture elsewhere wasn't a problem!

When his fingers and hands finally touched upon the dark, warm, wet, pulsing area between my legs my back arched right off the table with my head back crying out 'OH...FUCK'..... I could see Buddha smiling down on me from the wall behind me and I smiled back. His fingers teased back my panties and he slid first one and then two fingers inside me, massaging deep inside .. coming in and out and playing with my clit and the soft outer folds. I was moaning deeply and sighing with pleasure. He rubbed the palm of his hand into the mound of my pussy and stroked my clit slowly until he could feel me building to climax and then as I let go and started grinding into his hand, he rubbed me faster until I came... hot juices running through his fingers, down my legs and onto the paper sheet covering the table. It felt so fucking amazing. I lay there gasping for breath with my hair all over my face and he gently got up and told me to take my time coming to. He went off and washed his hands in a far corner of the room and I slowly got up and put my clothes on.

We made an appointment for me to go back the following week but... I never did!



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