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Get A Rope

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I am in my early 60s now and have enjoyed masturbating and playing with my cock and balls from the time I was quit young. My brother and I shared a bed room and I enjoyed playing with my cock and balls by myself so I would wait until he was gone to be with his friends. I discovered this method in my preteens before I could ejaculate and had many dry orgasms as I masturbated. Once he was gone and I had the room to myself and I would start playing with my cock. Mom and dad would be in the other rooms doing stuff like watching TV or other stuff and I knew they wouldn't be bothering me, so I shut my door so I could take my pants and briefs off and enjoy masturbate and playing with my cock.

I liked to be naked at least on the bottom half while I play with myself and masturbate and will take my pants and briefs off most of the time now when I masturbate. If mom stuck her head in when I was younger I would just tell her I was changing my clothes and she would leave right away. I sat with my back to the door so she couldn't see what I was doing.

I have always enjoyed playing with my cock and balls ever sense I was young and enjoy doing it now when ever I get a chance. LIke right now while I write this I am sitting here naked stroking my cock as I tweak my nipple while I think what to say and type next.

Well, after my brother left I got out my rope, it's one of my sexual toys, and started wrapping it around my cock and balls stretching my balls out until they started hurting just a little bit. I really enjoy doing this to my balls and wish I could find a woman that would enjoy helping me do it. Tying my cock and balls like this also keeps my cock very hard even if I don't stroke it for a little while. Once I have my balls stretched good I would start playing with my cock which was getting extremely hard by now, like a slightly over filled ballon. I found that this makes my cock more sensitivity than just plain jacking off. Least wise it make it more interesting to jerk off this way.

Well, I started massaging my cock making it feel real good. I only have about half of my cock to play with this way as the other half in under the rope. I stroke for a while then edge some then stroke for while more and edge some and do this several times before I can't take it anymore and have to actually cum. When I do cum it feels really good. Although not much cum squirts out until I take the rope off it still feels wonderful. Because of the rope my dick will stay hard for a while more giving me more time to pleasure myself more.

I just love masturbating and will jack off any time I get a chance, even now that I'm in my 60s. I have already cum twice today and will cum again after I send this.

I have found some jelly cock rings on the net that work just as good as the rope. I put several of them on like 6 or 8 around my cock and balls and a couple of them just on my balls and work myself up to a good cum.

I have also found that urethral sound play is a wonderful way to start a masturbation, jack off session, but that is another story.

Well, I'm so horny from telling you my technique I need to go get my rope or jelly cock rings and stretch my balls as I get off.

Enjoy masturbating.



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