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Georgie's Parents

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This is actually a MF and MM.


One weekend, my good friend Georgie invited me to stay the night at his house. I had heard rumors about Georgie's house, but I had never actually seen it. When I got I there, I was amazed! It was massive! I would say mansion, but if anything, it was more like a castle! Apparently, his dad inherited it from his rich father, who inherited from his super rich father!

Anyway, Georgie and I had a great time, but the real fun came later that night. Georgie had football practice that afternoon, so he was pretty zonked by the end of the day. He passed out around 11, leaving me alone to wander his house.

I decided to do a bit of exploring. His house was completely quiet, except for my foot steps. After about half an hour of exploring and pilfering through the rooms, I finally made it to the other side of his house. As I pilfered through a huge walk in storage closet, I heard a very faint, but distinctive moan. I left the closet and followed the sound to the end of the hall. Now right outside the door, I could hear two sets of moans, one deep, manly grunt and one, female moan.

My heart skipped a beat as my hormones took over. I crouched down and peaked through the old keyhole on the door. Through the hole I could just make out Georgie's parents laying on their bed, completely naked, masturbating each other. His mom was propped up on her right elbow, using her left hand to stroke his good size cock. With his right hand he was playing with her nipples. His left hand was buried between her legs.

My erection was begging to be touched. I figured I would hear Georgie coming down the long hallway so I wouldn't get caught. Without giving it much more thought, I pushed my pajama bottoms to where my knees met the floor and began to stroke my manhood. The cool air conditioning felt amazing on my bare butt and balls, which only made the experience even better.

Through the hole I could tell his mom was cumming. After she was done, she sped up her stroking, and I sped up mine too, determined to release with Georgie's dad. Finally, when I saw his cum burst out of his cock, I too reached the point of no return.

But the experience was too much, I tried to hold back what came next but I couldn't. My knees began to shake, my eyes shut, my head arched back, and the cum came bursting out, bringing the loudest moan I had ever made with it.

I sat there, kneeling in front of my cum, still naked, catching my breath, when the door opened. Horrified, all I could do was look up to see his naked dad standing over me.

I thought he would be furious, but he was laughing. His soft, but still remarkably large manhood was bobbling just inches in front of my face. I turned a deep shade of red and rose to me feet, pulling my trousers up as I stood.

His mom approached the door behind his dad and hugged him from the back. "Like what you see?" she asked and gently kissed the dad's neck.

And then, they turned to each other and began to make out. I was completely shocked, but I couldn't look away. They were both incredibly fit and attractive adults.

The mom began to playfully fondle the dad's cock, which was growing back to it's erect state. I could tell the mom's nipples were hard, as the dad gently nibbled on them.

After a few minutes of horseplay, they both turned to me. "Well, well, looked what we did to him, Karen!" The dad said, pointing at my crotch.

I looked down and saw I was tenting. I tried to cover it up, but the mom grabbed my hands and pushed them away. She tugged my bottoms down and they fell to my ankles. My member bounced out, happy to be free again. I stood there very embarrassed, but horny and excited.

The dad's cock was now fully hard again. He leaned against the door frame and began to stroke it. The mom took my hand and led me into the room. The dad closed the door behind us and followed us to the bed, where he laid me down.

"Karen and I have a great sex life, but sometimes we need something refreshing. Since you got your jollies off watching us, we get to watch you!" He said, sitting at the corner of the bed, legs parted, slowly rubbing his shaft. The mom took the other corner and began to circle her clit.

"What if Georgie wakes up?" I said, very confused.

"We're across the house, the door is locked. He knows not to knock past eight unless it is an emergency," the mom said. "Now, please, will you help us?"

I took a deep breath and nodded my head. They both laughed in approval and stared eagerly at my cock as I began to slowly stroke it. As I got worked up, I got over my nerves and began to get really into it. I began to allow myself to moan and thrust my hips with my strokes.

They continued to handle themselves until the mom released a scream of pleasure and climaxed. This sent a ripple of pleasure through my body and I moaned loudly. Pre-cum dripped down my head, lubricating my strokes.

Suddenly, the wife leaned over and whispered something into the dad's ear. He shook his no, but quickly agreed when she begged. He got up from his corner and crawled directly next to me. He grabbed my arm and removed it from my cock.

"Karen wants me to do you, do you mind?" He said, running his fingers through my pubes. This felt amazing, so I allowed him to grab at my cock.

His technique was amazing, way better than anything I had ever felt. My moans were almost screams now, echoing in the room and down the hall. The mom began to finger herself fiercely, obviously very aroused by the site of her husband masturbating another man.

Suddenly, my hormones took over again, and I reached out towards the dad's cock, which he was slightly stroking. He initially pushed it away, telling me no, but soon after, he grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock.

I eagerly grabbed it and began to go to town. He actually screamed my name, which sent me over the edge. Cum burst out of my manhood. The first rope landed on my chest, the rest landed on his arms and hands. The sight of this had the mom climaxing again with the dad following soon after.

The mom crawled up in between us and played with the cum on our chests. She began to make out with her husband again and to my surprise, he told her to reward me too.

That was the first time I ever kissed a girl, but it was amazing. I was hard again, but they simply laughed and told me another time. I tried to get up to leave, but they told me I should sleep with them tonight and let Georgie get a good night's sleep.

I agreed and fell asleep holding onto one of the mom's breasts as she was wrapped around the dad.

They woke me the next morning and the mom 'rewarded' me again before sending me on my way. I scrubbed up my mess I made at the doorway, redressed, and went back to Georgie's room. He was still fast asleep.

After that, we lost touch. Georgie got a scholarship to a university and moved away and eventually so did I.



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