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I was at a party one summer night a couple years ago when I met this girl named Georgie. She was really a hottie, a tall, bleached blonde with a bit too much makeup around the eyes, long legs, a tight little ass, an almost-flat chest with perky nipples, and a smouldering look in her eye. She was a girl who liked the sun and the outdoors, or so I guessed by her suntan, her slightly weathered features and by the freckles on her chest. She was probably older that I had first guessed, nearer forty than thirty, if you looked at the lines around her mouth and eyes, but my preference had always been for women about ten years older than myself, so I found her very attractive.

Georgie hadn't really paid much attention to me earlier when my buddy introduced me to her, but I hadn't really expected her to so I wasn't really that disappointed. But just the same, I kept an eye on her. As the night developed, I began to notice she was badly striking out with the guys. The pattern went something like this: a guy would spot her, casually drift over towards her, and strike up a conversation. So far, so good, right? But as soon as Georgie opened her mouth, things would start to go badly wrong.

'My God,' I overheard heard another girl say, 'She's just a like man.'

Giggling, her friend replied, 'Yeah, but with one important difference.'

'That's why they invented dildos,' said the first girl, and they erupted into helpless giggles.

Okay, so you get the picture. Georgie was way out of her element and not likely to get anywhere with this crowd tonight, which gave me a perfect opportunity.

So seemingly by accident, I ended up at her elbow. 'Hey, can I get you another beer?' I asked, seeing that she had almost finished her current one.

She glanced at me, surprised and perhaps a little taken aback by the gesture.

'Nah, I think I'm ready to get the fuck out of here. Too many losers.' She raised her beer bottle, swigged the last couple of mouthfuls, and slammed the empty bottle down on the side table.

'Yeah, they're a bunch of assholes. I'm just here because of a friend,' I said. Now, normally, I don't talk like that, so it often surprises people that I know those kind of words, but sometimes it comes in handy.

Georgina gave me a sharp, appraising look, as if maybe she'd been too hasty in judging me when we'd been introduced.

'I need some air' Georgie said and headed for the door. Taking that as an invitation, I followed her.

'So, what do you do?' she asked abruptly outside in the cool air.

'I'm in computers.'

'So, you're a geek, huh?' she said, making it a statement.

I shrugged. 'Money's good. But sometimes it's like being a roadie, humping all that fucking IT equipment around, pulling cable, shit like that.'

'Huh,' she said. Evidently my answer was acceptable. 'I'm a concrete finisher. Also read meters in the summer. Sometimes I get chased by people's dogs.'

'So, which one's yours?' she asked, gesturing to the cars parked along the street. 'The truck over there,' I said. 'Need a ride?'

'Yeah,' she said.

I unlocked her door first and opened it for her, surprising her again. I admired her narrow waist and tight ass as she swung up gracefully into the cab.

'Nice,' she said, grinning, when I fired up Dodge with a healthy roar.

The truck had been 15 years old when I bought it, but I had a lot of work done on it since. In exchange for a lot of cases of beer and a reasonable amount of cash, my buddy had put an eight inch lift on it, rebuilt the tranny, dropped in a rebuilt big block and replaced the radiator, brakes, hoses, alternator, etc., and then tweaked it until it purred like a kitten. It still wasn't pretty on the outside, but I had decided I liked it that way because people didn't mess with me (the massive black bumpers which my buddy had custom welded for me out of steel tubing probably didn't hurt, either).

We cruised the strip for a while, not really one of my customary activities, but Georgina seemed to be enjoying herself. The Dodge's tuned pipes were really turning a lot of heads when we went past the gearhead hangouts. Spotting a fire red Roadrunner in one particular parking lot, I turned in. 'One of my buddies,' I told her.

'Hey, man, how the fuck are you?' John said, shaking my hand as I swung down.

'Can't complain,' I said, grinning, and introduced Georgie. I had guessed right, this was more her kind of crowd, and she was immediately comfortable. The fact that John and the guys were checking her out didn't spoil her mood in the least.

'How's she running?' asked John. 'Why don't you pop the hood?' So everyone gathered around while we discussed all the fine work John had done on my baby. Georgie squeezed right in there with the rest of the guys, and demonstrated a lot of knowledge about things automotive. 'I grew up with brothers,' she said, shrugging when one of the guys commented on it.

By the time we pulled out of there, my stock had gone up considerably with Georgie. She gave me directions to her house, which turned out to be a tiny run-down cottage in the boonies a couple of miles out of town. The final stretch of road out there was unpaved and potholed, but the Dodge handled it without a problem.

'No one bothers me out here,' Georgie said, by way of explanation, or maybe apology.

'I like it, too,' I said truthfully. 'I spent a lot of time in the woods when I was a kid.'

We watched TV for a while. Or at least, she watched TV while I watched her. Her contradictions fascinated me. She was graceful in her movements, but her manner was abrupt and pretty rough. She talked like a man and seemed insensitive but her sharp gaze didn't miss much.

'What?' she finally asked. 'Why are you watching me?'

I opted for the truth. 'I love the freckles on your chest.'

Startled, she put her hand to her chest, covering them, and then slowly removed it. 'Really? I hate them.'

'They're sexy,' I told her.

'Huh,' she said. 'Takes all kinds.' But she was pleased just the same.

'Want another beer?' she asked. She got up to go the fridge and glanced back at me. 'And stop looking at my fucking ass!'

Grabbing two drinks, she sat on the couch close to me. 'Bottoms up,' I said, raising my bottle.

'In your fucking dreams,' Georgie replied. 'Cheers.'

We talked and got a lot closer. After a while she tentatively put her hand on my thigh. I pretended not to notice but shifted towards her a tiny bit to encourage her.

'You're like the opposite of your truck,' Georgie said to me out of the blue.

'How's that?' I asked.

'Well, your truck looks really fucking tough on the outside but it's really high-tech on the inside. You try to act tough on the outside but you're not on the inside.'

'Are you sure you haven't had too many beers?' I asked her.

'No, I've had just enough,' she said, and with surprising gentleness, put her hand on my cock, which was by now hard as could be, and then she French kissed me. No tentative, shy kisses for Georgie, no, she went straight for what she wanted, and never mind the pleasantries. For such a tough talking broad, she was extremely sweet, as I knew she'd be. I was also pretty sure she was a type-charge type of gal, and she began to prove that as well. She stripped off the t-shirt and let me have a look at her freckled chest. Her chest was very muscular, and her small breasts were tipped by exquisite, delicate nipples. Her abs were firm and well-defined, her shoulders wider and more muscular than I had thought.

She leaned over me and I began to gently tease her nipples with my tongue. Her jeans and panties came down then and I reached and felt her pussy, which was extremely wet. With her on top of me, I couldn't see her pussy, but I imagined those delicate flower-like lips were the same shade of delicate pink as her nipples. After a moment of awkwardness, we found a position that allowed me to finger her while she reached down and back and continued to jack me off. It was a perfect moment in time as she breathed hotly in my ear, emitting little cries of orgasmic joy, both of us cumming with a vengeance, hot cum shooting all over her naked torso, dripping back onto my chest and stomach. It was absolutely beautiful and afterwards we lay there panting and laughing. A couple of minutes later, she led me to the shower, where she ran the water very hot, and in the steamy air we kissed and washed each other's bodies until both of our skins were very pink and we steamed even in the warm night air.



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