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Fun With Preacher's Wife

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I read the story listed under June 17 about The Preacher's Wife. It brought back some wonderful memories I have about a preacher's wife. I was 18 years old and dating a girl who was 16. I was crazy in love with her, she was not giving me any at the time and I was horny as I could be just about all the time. One Sunday after church she invited me to come to her parent's house to eat with them. They were having the new preacher and his wife over. After lunch everyone was sitting out on the porch talking. I was sitting in a double rocker with my girlfriend. The preacher and his wife were sitting across from us. The others were scattered around the porch in different chairs.

A word about the preacher's wife. She was absolutely beautiful, 5'11', jet black hair and legs that seemed to go on forever. She was in her early 40's. She had big beautiful tits and a fine ass-a woman who could arouse any man. Now I was in love with my girlfriend but you know a man will look if you put something in front of him. I noticed the preacher's wife, who I will call Pat, kept crossing and uncrossing her legs. Each time she did her skirt rode up a little farther. Before you knew it I was getting a good shot of her pretty white panties and a lot of thigh. Her panties must have been thin because I could see some black hair underneath them. I started to get hard. Before long I had a raging hard on and my girlfriend noticed it but I was keeping it hid from everyone else. Finally the visit ended and the preacher and his wife left. All the others drifted back into the house and my hard dick went down and I left.

A couple of nights later my girlfriend asked me why I got so hard and I told her it was because of the preacher's wife. She got upset but I explained to her that if you stick a panty covered hairy pussy in a man's face he is going to get hard. She was still a little upset but she got over it eventually.

About a month later I got a call from the preacher asking me if I was interested in making some money. I said I was. School was out and I was looking for a job for the summer before going off to college. He told me he had some work he needed me to do around his house. The following Monday morning I showed up at his house and he told me what he wanted me to do. He had some brush he wanted cleared behind his house. He said it would probably take me all week to get it done. He told me I would be working on my own since he was leaving for a church conference the next day and would be gone all week. Little did I know what lay in store for me.

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday clearing brush and by noon Thursday I was finished. His wife was there all this time and would occasionally offer me cold water or ask if I needed anything. Thursday I told her I was finished and asked if there was anything else she needed me to do. She said no, but invited me to have a hamburger with her. As we were eating I realized that she had on the same outfit that she was wearing that Sunday on the porch. We were just about finished with our meal when she dropped a bomb on me. She looked at me and said, 'You remember the Sunday we all ate with your girlfriend's parents? I saw you looking up my skirt. Did you enjoy what you saw?' I mumbled something about not being able to avoid looking at her. She then said, 'I made your dick hard didn't I?' I told her that she did. She stood up and walked around to where I was sitting and pulled me up and gave me a long kiss on the lips. She then said, 'I'm sorry for making you hard in front of your girlfriend. Let me make it up to you.'

She led me to the master bedroom and started undressing me. She stipped me naked and pushed me back on the bed. I was already half hard. Now I am pretty well endowed, nine inches when hard with a pretty large head. I lay back on her bed and she pulled her skirt up and straddled my legs with her head not far from my dick. She took my dick in her hand and by that point I was fully hard. She started jacking my big dick with her hand. I still remember to this day what she did next. She spat on my dick to make it slick. That seemed so vulgar and sexy to me at the time that she would spit on my dick rather than get some KY jelly or something to put on it. It didn't take long until I was ready to cum. Here I was totally naked and she was still fully dressed. I told her I was about to cum and she aimed my dick at her face and I covered her beautiful face. A lot of my cum landed in her black hair.

She cleaned me up and I got dressed. I thanked her and she rushed me out the door. I never had a chance to do anything else with her. Two years later my girlfriend and I were married by her husband. As soon as the wedding was over Pat hugged me and whispered in my ear, 'I know your wife is going to love your big dick.' I never saw her again after that night, but I still get a hard on when I think of her.



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