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Fun With Neighbours Daughter

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These events happened a # of yrs ago - but i can recall them like it was yesterday.
A lil background - from the time i was 9 yrs old til about i was 17 - i had become good friends with a girl who's family lived across the street from mine. See, Kelly, was about 3 yrs younger then i was (so she was like 6-14). Anyway - there was problems in her family and her brother
moved out when he turned 18. So - i guess resulting from that - i sorta was looked up 2 as a big brother 4 Kelly.
I didn't mind - we had known each other since her fam moved into the neighbourhood.
At the time of these events - i would have been 15 & Kelly was 13!
Well - everything was inocent enough and we'd hang out at each others places, etc.
About 6 months after her brother moved out(just b4 xmas), i was walking home from school mates place after dinner and Herb, Kelly's dad, calls me over. So i tossed my bag on my yard and went over. He said that he & kelly's mom had to go to a 'christmas party for the company he worked for' on the Friday and was unable to find someone to watch over Kelly for them and asked if i could. I agreed (seeing that it would help them out and all.
Well - The Friday came, shortly b4 6 - i went across the street to their place. After ordering the pizza's - they left 4 the evening. The pizzas came and Kel & i ate while watching a movie on tv.
Kelly said that she had a fried coming over 4 a bit. I just stayed in the basement watching tv while they were either out in the yard or in her room. I don't remember what time it was - but i knew is was late evening (as the sun had gone down). Kelly came back inside and said that her friend had gone home and she was going to go have a shower (said she was soaked & chilled from rollin in the snow).
So, i continued to read a mag i found on the table and watched tv. I put the mag down and thought to myself....
the waters been running an aweful long time. So i headed up to make sure everything was fine. I proceeded through the kitchen and turned down the hall. As i approached the end of the hall - i saw that the bathroom door was halfway open. So i walked past the door (as if going to the master b.room - where the other bathroom was) and stopped.
I don't know y i did it -but i did.....i looked in and could see Kelly's outine behind the smoked-glass doors on the tub. Istantly - i had a hardon, but it was like i was glued to the floor.
I heard the water shut off and the door slide open. I saw Kelly's arm reach out and i slipped away without being seen, or so i thought.
I went to the kitchen and grabbed a drink and went back downstairs and was sittin in front of the tv just watchin some show. A few minutes later - i heard Kelly in the kitchen and then she came down and sat on the couch. She was wearing a robe (and as she sat down - she adjusted the fabric on her lap to cover herself up sorta).
We sat there 4 a bit just watching tv, but i couldn't help but look over at her from time - time (for 13 - she was hot). Guess - she saw my erection in my jeans and totally
out of the blue says; 'oh my, u see something sexy - that made ya that way, i know you want to play with it. Take it out and let me see u play with it. ' i was a lil surprised and was like; 'naw - thats ok, i'll just wait!'
But she said; 'aww - come on, i have seen Sean (her bro) doin it lots b4 he left!' After a lil more time had passed - i only agreed to pull my cock out , if she disrobed. She did! so - i pulled my jeans & undies down to my feet and sat back down and stroked my boner, looking at her lil body. Well - i looked at her crotch & saw a lil v of hair forming and kept stroking. Thats when i saw her hands exploring her small formed tits & pussy and she was watching me.
So - we sat there watching each other masturbate and each had an orgasm.
I got dressed and she put her nighie & robe on and we sat there til our drinks were done. I looked at the clock and it was well...late and she got up and headed up to bed. It was only like 25-30 mins after that - that her parents walked in. I met them at the backdoor, her dad paid me and i tossed on my jacket and raced across the street.
I got home, ran right to my room, stripped and jacked off again thinking of the fun adventure of earlier. Just b4 i fell asleep - i had a fantasy of maybe being able to relive the fun again sometime.
Well - i did....but it wasn't until early fall (that next yr). It happened a cpl days after my 16th birthday. Kelly, had turned 14 in June!
Basically - the whole thing was, her parents were sorta protective about her and didn't like to leave a girl of her age alone (unless they had no other choice).
The day b4 i was to go 'hang at their place', i was out for a cruise in the family beast - the s.wagon we had then. zI had just pulled into my driveway and saw, Herb, come walking along. He says; 'the wife & i are going to a wedding on sat & were wondering if you'd be able to hang out and look after things again (that would be Kelly, the dogs). I said i would and to just call me when they were leaving on the sat.
Well - the sat came, and i saw them & Kelly walking out to the car. I went over and Kelly says;'well - it is my cousin and all that is getting married - so i am going to the church, but only mom & dad are going to the tonight stuff (as she got in the car - she gave me this sorta smile & wink). They left - i went home.
A cpl hrs later - i saw there car pull up and they went into the house. I got a call from her mom - saying that they were leaving and as soon i could - i should go over.
So, i was on my way across the street - as they were pulling away. They stopped and we chatted for a few minutes and then they left. I walked across the street, over their yard and into the house. I found Kelly in the living room watching tv. I walked in and sat in the chair and asked her about the wedding. We chatted & watched tv
and she flipped it to some crazy movie. Well, there was a
scene in the film where guys were spying on girls in the showers of the girls locker room at school. She muted it and said; 'hey - do you like to spy on girls when they are in the shower or changing....cuz that night when we had fun together - i saw you slip away as i got out of the shower.'
I froze and couldn't think of anything to say & just muttered something about 'only enjoy to peep on you'.
She stood up and headed to the kitchen and was like;
'oh my, really...u like to peep on me', she giggled and went down to the basement. A few minutes later - she calls me and tells me to come down. So - i get up, head down and find her laying on the couch cushions on the floor in just her oversized t-shirt. I sat on the steps and watched her and saw her look back ever so often. With each move - her shirt was riding up, so her cute lil butt was visible. She looked at me agian - and said; 'y don't u come over here. get a better view!' So i got up and sat on the oversized chair behind her.
Oh my god - it was all i could do - not to explode. I saw
her sorta humpin the cushions and quietly pulled my cock out and slowly jerked it. She sat up and looked over at me over the table and jumped up & was sittin on the table eyes glued on my hand wrapped around my cock. She reached out and pushed my hand away and got on her knees and both gripped my cock and sucked it. It was the best b/j & i shot wad after wad of cum into her mouth. She licked my cock clean and sat on my lap (facing me) and kissed me.
Well - that was it... my cock which was soft, was now rock hard again. We made out more and got each other out of our clothes. I carried her & layed her on the cushions and got ontop of her. My cock was just above her pussy and i so wanted to push it in, but she was like;' no no - not til it is covered!' She reaches over her head to a tiny decorative box on the shelf under the tv and pulls it off.
She says; ' Sean always used to bring his girls down here 4 sex when mom & dad weren't home and after he moved out - i found some skins 4 cocks (rubbers) he left. She put the box on the floor - rips the package open with her teeth and pulls out a condom and rolls it onto my hard cock. We start kissing again and she guides my cock into her lil pussy. By the time we had finished -- we had each orgasmed multiple times. I pulled out of her and took the condom off and tossed it. I then went back to her and sucked on her tits, and kissed / licked my way down to her pussy. Which i proceeded to eat out. I got her off and sat up and looked at her. Her naked, sweaty body looked oh so fine - without thinking.....i pushed my cock into her pussy and layed back til she was sittin over me. She rode me again til she came hard & vilently. I came too again.
She even let me give it to her in the ass and she fingered herself to yet another orgasm.
We collapsed and just layed on the floor cuddling and resting. We were scared back to earth by the sounds of the door opening and people coming in. We quickly threw the cushions on the couch, grabbed our clothes and ran into the laundry room and changed. We went upstairs to find her
parents and a few other relatives in the living room.
I ran into her dad in the hall, he handed me a folded note & the $. I headed through the kitchen and to the door. Just b4 i left - Kelly walks up, leaps from the kitchen (so i had to catch her). She hugs me, whispers a 'thanks 4 the wild time' and i could tell she was still naked under her dress. As i walked out the door -- she stuffs something into my back pocket and says; 'don't look til u r home' and disappears inside.
So - i walked home, went right to my room, looked at the note from her dad & put the $ in the drawer. I got undressed - was just going to lay naked on my bed, watch tv & j/o. Was just about to put my clothes in the basket in my closet - when i remembered kelly had put something in my pocket. I grabbed my jeans and felt the pocket. I pulled the thing out - to discover it was the lil pr of panties she had been wearing earlier. oh my god- i looked at them and used them to jerk off with, by sniffing them & strokin my cock wrapped in them.
Our fun times went on for a cpl more yrs, but - we did it after school, in a field by a creek once 2. Shortly after i turned 1 & she was 16 - her parents divorsed and they moved away.
I saw, Kelly, just about 4 yrs ago (at my brothers wedding social (Sean, her bro & my bro were pals back then). We (me & Kelly) did chat that night and even 'hooked up' again, but thats a different story!



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