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Fun With Mom's Rings

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Have any mom's out there ever caught their sons doing this? Have any guys ever done this with their mom's wedding rings?


The guy that got to cum on his aunt's wedding ring once was something I sort of made a hobby out of, doing it with my mom's wedding rings. I started with this fetish from a very early age, around four or five. I remember taking baths with mom, seeing her naked, wearing her rings and getting very aroused even at a young age.

My little cock would spring to attention in an instant. She would soap her hands and wash my whole body while I was sitting down in the tub. Then she asked me to stand to wash my front. I remember being embarrassed beyond belief. She asked if I had to go to the bathroom, I was honest and said no. So she lathered up the front of my body and last was my stiffened cock. She told me I needed to keep clean down there and proceeded gently to swirl her fingers around my engorged little cock and balls and up the crack of my ass.

When she was facing my front and reaching behind to finish behind my balls her left hand slipped and my cock poked through between her ring and middle finger and I felt for a moment my cock being rubbed by her engagement and wedding ring. I got as excited as any five-year-old could get. I started getting a strange feeling in my stomach. I just arched backward and said,'Ooohhh mom.' She thought I was saying ouch and said, 'Oh I'm so sorry sweetheart did I scratch you with my ring?' I said, 'No mom, I'm alright.' Of course at that age I sure as hell didn't know what was going on, why I felt this way, let alone what sex and masturbation was until years later. That happened many years ago but felt like yesterday.

That event began my fetish with mom's rings. Soon after I began sneaking into her room and trying her different rings on my, at the time, very much smaller cock. I never knew exactly why, but I knew it looked and felt great. I first tried on her onyx ring and then her cocktail ring which kind of hurt because it tended to dig in. Just looking through her rings got me excited. The other rings were alright but never had the same impact, arousal wise, as her wedding rings. I was very lucky as the fact that mom wore her rings maybe half the time, and had a tendency to take them off and put them down wherever she happened to be at the time. Sometimes you'd find them in her room, on the bathroom cabinet, or even in a candy dish in the kitchen. Mom was a bit of a scatterbrain and I used to use that to my advantage.

Every day I came home from school I would check out mom's left hand to see if she had her rings on. The times she didn't I would have to go on a search to see where she left them. Sometimes I'd find them right away, grab them, run to my room and lock the door. The first time I could hardly get my pants down fast enough. I took her wedding ring which was a nice thick yellow gold band with some kind of etching that was already wearing smooth and stuck my cock in the ring and gently pulled on the head until it just popped through. Instant erection. I tried to fit her engagement ring on also but my cock was already too big to fit it on. After that I used to put both rings on at once. I just stood there and admired my little wedding ringed cock and moved my hand up and down on it in a stroking motion. I learned a little later that its wise to use some kind of lube or cream so it doesn't get stuck. I'd usually remove it when the head would start to get cool and a little purple.

This went on for years, and I have to admit the thrill that mom might catch me was a real rush. I began to get more brazen as the years passed. One time mom ran a bubble bath for me, I was probably nine at the time. I played a little game of up periscope. When mom left the bathroom I would put her rings on my cock and of course get as hard as a rock. I would sit under the water on my back and slowly push my ringed cock though the suds. It was quiet a thrill to see mom's diamond on her engagement ring appear, followed by her wedding ring. I played that game countless times. Once she barged through the door and I barely had time to duck under the suds. She yelled, 'Lets move it, I have to go out with your dad in an hour.' She pulled the plug on the drain and the water level started to drop at once. I was in a real panic and my dick got even harder.

How was I going to get out of this one? If I stood up I couldn't hide the fact I was ringed and erect. Plus she looked a little pissed from being rushed and she would definately be looking for her rings to wear out that night. I was terrified that if she found out what I was doing with her rings I was dead. I reached over and pulled the stopper back up and said, 'Come on mom, just two more minutes and I'll be finished.' She shook her head and said, 'Fine but that's it, understand.' Then she walked out. That was the closest I ever came to getting snagged. I worked her rings off, dried them and put them in the cabinet. Watching mom slip her rings on after they were just on my cock gave me a tingle through my body. Once I even sat down and ate dinner while wearing her rings with a major erection. Another time I slept at a friends house and in the middle of the night took his his mom's rings and worked them over my cock but her wedding ring was much thinner than mom's and began to pinch, but at least I got to wear them.

When I turned about eleven or twelve mom's rings all of a sudden became very tight and I had to struggle to get them off. My parents never spoke to me about sex and anything pertaining to puberty up to that time. I had to learn most of it from school and from friends. They started talking about jerking off and shooting cum. It was news to me. I picked up from them that your dick gets bigger and you start to grow hair on your crotch. I then decided not to chance it with mom's rings anymore to avoid an embarrassing trip to the hospital. Some of my friends would make comments about some of their other friends moms. They would tell me my mom was pretty hot and she was. One guy asked if I ever peeked in on my mom changing or taking a bath on purpose. I told them not really. He said he did it all the time and then would jerk off.

When I got home that day I admit I was more than curious about what we talked about that day. It was years since seeing mom naked. Thinking about it got me a little hard. The next time mom took a bath I walked in and pretended I didn't know she was there. She immediately yelled, 'Please get out I'm trying to take a bath.' I saw more than enough. Mom had her long brown hair pinned back and had a huge set of boobs, 44dds, with pink areolas about six inches in diameter. To top it off she was wearing her wedding rings. She got startled and covered her beautiful wet shiny boobs with both hands. That's when I got a glimpse of her rings coming in contact with her boobs. It all happened in a split second. I went into my room and noticed a wet spot in my underwear and got this urge to jerk my cock. After jerking for a few minutes thinking of mom I shot my first load all over the bed. I didn't know what to do so I just wiped it up the best I could. I jerked off twice more that day thinking of mom's shiny boobs and her ringed finger.

Later on I got the overwhelming urge to cum on her rings. It was a lot safer than wearing them and it was a huge but naughty thrill. Again I had to be careful when I was doing this because of the fear of getting caught. Like most guys my age at this time you get extremely horny at the drop of a hat. My social studies teacher had a big wide wedding band, even bigger than mom's. She had a habit of slipping it on and off her finger. This caused me to get wet almost every day and I had to fight not to get hard for fear she would call me up to write on the board.

Like many guys with this fetish, I'm also turned on when I see an actress, or a tv personality wearing a wedding ring, a woman in person, or even in a magazine. It almost always comes back to mom's wedding ring. A couple of other times I spied on mom getting dressed when I hid under her bed. She came in from the bathroom and took her towel off and these huge boobs dropped down just above her waist. Of course up to that time that was the only naked woman I ever saw in person. My mom began to start rubbing moisturising cream all over her boobs and this got me hard enough to start humping the floor under the bed. She would lift one up and put cream under it and then let it drop and giggle slightly.

She then put her rings on and I couldn't hold it anymore and came in my pants under my parents bed. I didn't push my luck anymore after that. I thought she was going to smell my cum from under the bed.

Over the following years I got more creative with mom's rings. Sometimes I would see how far I could shoot to hit her rings, or see how much cum I could squirt on them. Other times I would insert the diamond from her engagement ring into my piss hole so the ring stayed in my dick and then blow a load to see how far it would go. I love condoms and I would take mom's rings, slide them inside the rubber and stretch it over my cock. I could see the rings inside the very tip and would shoot the biggest blasts inside the rubber making her rings literally swim in my hot cum. Then I would empty it out to see them plop out on the shower stand with my sticky cum drenching them. A few times mom almost caught me with her rings in the shower. I was about a second from cumming and she opened the bathroom door and asked if I had seen her rings. I couldn't stop and blew a huge load on them. After I stopped squirting I told her I hadn't seen them. Thank god for shower curtains. The worse was vacations. Seeing mom on the beach covered with suntan oil, her boobs gleaming and wedding rings shining in the sun. Several times I'd have to run back to the motel and jerk off. I'd always try to get pictures of mom on vacation with her engagement and wedding ring in plain view for future jack-off sessions.

So far mom has never caught on to what I do with her rings. At least I don't think she has. I still love to come home from college vacations looking forward to exploding all over mom's rings. She must know I jerk off and that I have sex. I still have the most intense cumshots ever when I masturbate with her rings.



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