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Fun With Many Toys

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Thank you so much for having this site, reading about all of this masturbating really gets me super-horny and juicy so I thought I'd share my own fun with you all. I discovered this site as a teenager and still enjoy getting my twenty something cunt aroused reading these stories for hours. Yes, I say cunt a lot, in fact I took it as a nomme de guerre of sorts. If this bothers you, don't read. Please feel free to comment. I love hearing how much of a horny little bitch I am and how horny I make people. I would love to know if you got aroused reading my story and what you did about it, in detail. All of this is 100% true.

I'm a big girl, a BBW if you will. I have a BIG cunt. I have enormous fat fleshy inner and outer lips and a gigantic clit that looks like a tiny cock when it's really aroused. It's not as big as the owner of a certain website that I masturbate to regularly but it's big. I shave it all clean so there's lots of pink juicy sweetness to go around and you can see everything when I spread it, which some people have been lucky enough to see on my webcam, and others have in real life. I digress though.

I masturbate nearly every single day. I'm rough on my sex toys. I'm a person who likes my sex rough so I like my masturbation rough too and being a larger person I'm even harder on toys, but I've found a couple that work and have stood the test of time. I love glass dildo's, virtually indestructible and nice and hard. I also love a cordless massager which is like a Magic Wand only cordless and it runs on a charge. They run about fifty bucks at certain types of stores and are worth every cent!!!

My favorite way to get off involves both of those toys. My favorite glass dildo has a silicone clit tickler thing I've put on it which makes it even more fun. I like to get naked and play a bit with my nipples, make them nice and hard and maybe rub myself a little bit. Sometimes I love to just spread the lips and pull on them and rub them and jerk my clit off like a cock. I like rubbing the parts of the clit you can't see from the outside, it's more than just the little bud. Anyway, I shove the glass toy in my cunt and fuck myself for a little while with it to get myself really sensitive and wet. I like ones that curve up a bit so they hit my g-spot.

I love the juicy cunt noises that it makes as I pound the dildo into my hole. When I'm sufficiently juicy and swollen I just push the dildo in and hold it inside with my cunt muscles and leave it there. Next, I place the head of the vibe on my clit with the rest of the handle going upwards against my belly and I hold it there while I turn over and straddle a pillow, ass up. I turn the vibe on the low setting and hump away for a while. I love the fullness inside my hole and the way it rams my g-spot and the incredible vibrations of the vibe on my clit and I just hump like crazy. I usually let myself have one orgasm on the low power and then I turn the high power on and go wild humping so hard and fast and cumming at least three or four more times. I normally have to be quiet as I am not home alone often but when I am alone I really let it rip and scream out all kinds of nasty things.

When I want a little more pain in the mix, I add chip clips. Yes, the kind you close potato chip bags with. You can get them at the dollar store. They have a nice hard grip. Make sure they don't have sharp edges or metal parts on the inside though, too much ouch, even for me! I place one on each nipple and after I get my clit nice and fat and hard I clamp it with one too and just lay there feeling the yummy pinchy pain for a bit till I tug on the nipple clips a little and then twist them really hard. I take them off and marvel at how huge my nips get and then put them back on and play with the one on my clit, tugging and clamping and unclamping it. I take the clitty clamp off and feel my cunt and I can feel how enormous my clit has got, it's like I have a hard-on, it's so erotic. I play with it and jerk it off for a while and then put the clip back. Then, I love to rub my mound right where my cunt lips start to split, while the clamp is on, it feels really great. I put my dildo in my hole and ram away while alternating between rubbing the mound and tugging the clip and I can cum that way. Right as I'm about to cum, sometimes I reach up and pull the nipple clips off really fast and it gives me a nice rush. Even after I've cum from this, I'm still horny, so I get off how I described above as well, with my clit super-sensitive from the clips, it's even more amazing.

So I hope you enjoyed my story. I got all wet and I've got a clit hard-on just from writing this so I'm off to take care of things. I hope I get some nice comments so I can share more stories.



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