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Fun Sleepover between Friends

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Friend Ken Sleeps over and what fun.


Ken and I lived next door to each other since my family moved in three years ago. I was 17, and Ken was 16. Ken was spending the night at my house tonight, since we took turns staying at each others place. My parent were going to be out late so we had the place to ourselves.

One thing Ken and I liked to do was hang out together in our boxers. Even when my parents were home we walked around the house in our underwear. This particular time we got board with our computer games and decided to look for porn on the Internet. We found a site with youg girls jerking off guys big dicks. and our boxers were tented sitting next to each other.

Ken's dick had popped out through his fly, and I wasn't sure if it happened on purpose or by accident. Anyway he caught me looking at his hard dick and didn't say anything. What surprised me is he made no effort to put it back inside to hide it.

After a couple of minutes, I manouvered so the end of my dick got caught in the fly and stuck out. I noticed him looking at mine now. We went back to searching for more pictures and found a site with sample videos of guys getting stroked. It was awesome. One scene showed the guy ejaculating while being stroked and we both moaned.

Meanwhile our hands had moved near our cocks and we had started caressing ourselves. In less than a minute our hands were wrapped around our own members and slowly stroking. This caused our dicks to stick completly out the fly of our boxers, and the best I could tell we Ken's dick was about 6 inches or slightly longer, and certainly shorter than my 7 inches.

Since we were sitting on chairs next to each other by the computer our legs were touching each other. It felt great to me. Ken was moaning so I knew he was feeling good. I asked Ken if he wanted to make it feel better, and he asked how it could feel better.

I went to the nightstand by my bed and got a tube of lube jelly out. I removed my boxers all the way, he had seen my dick anyway so what's the difference. I sat on the bed and opened the tube and squirted some on my hand. Then I rubbed in onto my cock in long strokes.

He came over to my bed dropping his boxers onto the floor on the way. It was obvious he wanted to try it out. Instead of handing him the tube, I guess I wasn't thinking, I reached out and grabbed his cock to wipe some on. Once I realized what I had done I quickly took my hand off his dick. It was too late, he had already moaned at the feel of my hand on his boyhood.

He told me that's OK put on what you think I should have. So I added some more lube to my hand as he got up on the bed besides me, our legs and now sholders stouching each other. I wrapped my hand around his cock to apply the KY jelly, and again he moaned. After five strokes his dick was well lubed, and just as I was about to let go he asked me to continue and he wrapped his hand around my dick. It was awsome, but needed my lube on mine since his hand was not lubed yet.

I added some at the tip of my dick and he worked it down. We then moved around so we lay sideways facing each other crotch. The feelings were incredible, and soon we had each other orgasming in each other's hand.

We stayed naked and after a while repeated the mutual masturbation on each other again before going to bed. My parents were surpised we were asleep when they got home. They were still asleep when we woke up, they were unaware we slept naked with each other in my bed (which we normally since I have a big bed), unless they spotted the boxers on the floor when they checked in on us.

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