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Fun on Webcam With My Babysitter

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A great evening when I was younger with my sexy babysitter


I'm an only child, so if my parents wanted to go out for the evening they would get the girl from across the street to babysit for me. Her name was Sophie and she was really pretty and had a great body and because she was only a few years older than me I had a big crush on her. She thought I was cute but I wanted her to like me more than that, but she would spend most of her time on the phone or on the computer talking to boys.

One evening she was over to babysit and she was on the computer using the webcam to talk to boys. She told me to watch a movie and leave her alone but I kept going in to talk to her, and one time I walked in and she suddenly pulled her pants up and sat down looking embarrassed. I wanted to know what she was doing so I kept walking in trying to catch her, and she was getting annoyed with me and said I could stay if I promised not to tell anyone about it. I agreed and sat behind her and as she was talking to two boys on the webcam, she started to flash her tits and pussy for them. She only did it for a few seconds at a time and I didn't get to see much from where I was sitting, but I saw some glimpses of what the boys could see on the computer screen. I was pretty excited and then at one point she pulled down her panties and turned round because the boys wanted her to bend over and show them her asshole. When she turned round I got a good view of her facing me and saw her pussy which had some dark brown hair surrounding it. I got hard seeing this but there was much more to come.

After a while the boys had encouraged her to get completely naked, which she did so I now had a great view of her amazing naked body. They told her to masturbate, which she did, and seeing a close up of her pussy with her fingers going into it on the computer screen made me want to get a better view so I went up to sit next to her. She didn't seem to mind and I looked down at her fingering her pussy and it was the hottest thing I'd ever seen, I could even see that her fingers were wet from her pussy. I could see what the boys were typing to her and they were asking who I was. She told them she was babysitting for me and they said let him taste your fingers. She told them she wouldn't but they kept daring her and in the end she held her fingers that were wet with her pussy juice to my mouth. They were under my nose and they smelt funny to me, but it was a really horny smell of her pussy and my dick was really hard.

I opened my mouth and sucked her fingers clean and I was really horny now. They dared her to kiss me and she gave me a peck on the lips but they wanted a proper kiss so after a bit of arguing with them she asked me if I wanted to. Of course I did! She leaned in to kiss me and I closed my eyes and felt her lips on mine, then she opened her mouth and I felt her warm tongue slide into my mouth which felt weird but it was so warm, wet and sexy I started to kiss her back with my tongue and I enjoyed my very first kiss with her. Sooner than I wanted to she stopped and wiped her mouth, and the boys were asking me if I wanted more. I typed yes and they told me to suck her tits, I looked at her and she didn't tell me not to so I cautiously moved my head to her nearest breast and took her nipple into my mouth. She moved the webcam so the boys could see and I sucked it and I felt it grow hard in my mouth, and then switched to suck her other nipple which was now already hard.

The boys started to get bored so they said I should touch her pussy, I was really excited when they said this but she was very reluctant. Thankfully for me the boys kept daring her and eventually she said fine and put her legs up onto the chair so her pussy was spread. I looked closely at her pussy and I was fascinated by it, it was quite hairy and her opening was shining with wetness, and all the folds of flesh it had surprised me, but made me horny. She took my hand and lowered it to her pussy, I didn't know what I was doing but I thought I must have to push my finger inside it like I saw her doing before. I pushed hard at her clit with the tip of my finger and she recoiled and grabbed my hand to stop me. She positioned my finger lower at the entrance to her pussy and told me to be gentle. I pushed nervously and carefully and felt my finger become engulfed in wet fleshy warmth, and I was so happy.

I was really surprised that her pussy wasn't smooth inside like I had imagined it would be, but I moved my finger around inside her warm vagina and felt all the interesting ridges and lumps of flesh that were inside her. She gasped as I moved my finger around and I could feel hot moisture developing inside her vagina. She took the thumb of my hand that was inside her and rubbed it lightly on her clit, telling me to do it like that then she took her hand away to point the camera at her pussy. I clumsily did this for a few minutes but by the end she was breathing quite heavily so I guess she enjoyed it. She took my hand away and I saw how wet and sticky her pussy had made my finger.

The boys were loving it and they said I should finger her ass now. I thought this was gross and didn't want to do it but Sophie didn't seem to mind and I didn't want to upset the boys that got me my first kiss and finger of a girl, so I went along with it. Sophie got on her knees on the chair and stuck her ass out towards the webcam, and I stood to the side and looked down at her gorgeous pussy and asshole, it looked so tiny that I didn't think my finger would fit in it. Sophie again told me to do it gently and using my other hand so that I wouldn't spoil the scent of her pussy that I had on my finger, I placed the tip of my finger to her little asshole and I suddenly stopped being grossed out and felt really horny. I slowly eased my finger into her ass until it was about halfway in and she told me to stop. It was so hot and so tight in her ass and I really liked how it felt. I wriggled my finger around inside it for a few seconds but Sophie had had enough so she grabbed my hand and pulled my finger out.

The boys pleaded with Sophie for a long time for her to give me a blowjob or to let me lick her pussy, but she said that was going too far and wouldn't budge, much to my disappointment. But they told her she had to help me get off or it wasn't fair on me, I was ridiculously horny after everything that had happened. She reluctantly agreed and told me to take my pants off, so I did and my small cock was totally stiff and pointing at her. For some reason the boys had told her to use her panties, so she picked up her panties from the floor and wrapped them around my cock, and they felt so warm and soft and I was so horny thinking that they had been touching her wet pussy and now they were touching my bare cock. She slowly masturbated my cock with her soft panties, and it didn't take long before my cock was jerking with a fantastic orgasm. I only had dry orgasms at that age unfortunately, I would have loved to fill her panties with my cum but it still felt great.

The boys kept trying to persuade Sophie to go even further with me but she refused so after she fingered herself for them a bit more, she said she had to go. She made me go to bed and told me to promise never to tell anyone about it, which I never did until now, years later. I tried many times to get something like that to happen again with her but I had no more luck.



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