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Fun on the Bus

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Well this happened today when I was on a coach travelling back to my home city of Canberra after a weekend away. I sat down at the very back of the coach, hoping for a nice quiet trip. The bus left the terminal and was practically empty but filled up entirely when we stopped 20 minutes later to pick people up at the airport. The seat next to me was the last spare seat and a girl about my age, maybe a bit older came and sat next to me. We ignored each other for the first hour or so of the trip and just listened to our ipods. I got up to go to the toilet but due to the bus rocking around a lot was gone longer than usual. When I got back, the girl whispered to me 'have a nice wank?' I smiled and whispered back 'yeah I was thinking about you jacking me off.'

She smirked and we started talking. She was a tourist from northern Australia who was coming down to see Canberra for the first time. She seemed a bit fidgety but I didn't take much note of it. After around an hour, she asked me out of the blue 'Are you gay?' I was shocked and said no then asked her why she would think that.

'Because we have been on the bus for over 90 minutes and I haven't caught you staring at my boobs once'. I lowered my voice and replied 'Would you prefer it if I did?'

She leaned forward towards me under the pretense of looking out the window but gave me a great view down her shirt. She put her hand on my ribs and slowly stepped her fingers down but stopped at my hips. Still, she could feel a rise in my pants and smirked and whispered to me 'It's true, he's not gay.'

I was stunned and didn't know what to do. I couldn't do much as there were 60 other people on the bus but at the same time I was now really turned on and couldn't do much about it. She stopped as well and I thought that would be the end of it.

It didn't work that way though, mainly due to my mind racing with all sorts of fantasies. I typed a message into my phone and instead of sending it, showed the girl the message which said that I was now super horny and it was all her fault. She smirked and started to begin flirting with kinky messages back and forth to each other via mobile phones (not sending the messages, just showing each other the message). Eventually, she told me that I should just go into the toilet to have a wank but I told her that going solo wouldn't do it for me.

Again, she moved her fingers towards my crotch but stopped short. I responded my placing my hand on her hip and slowly crawling my fingers up towards her breasts via the inside of her shirt. She slapped my hand away but before I could apologise, she left for the bathroom. She came back and sat down and had her top button on her shirt undone. She had also taken her bra off so I could practically see her amazing breasts down the top of her shirt. I was then told to go ahead. I slowly and carefully (still worried about the other passengers) moved my hand up again. Again she slapped my hand away and pointed down low. I snuck my hand inside her shorts and started fingering her pussy. I had never done this before and it showed, she had to keep whispering instructions in my ear but eventually, I got the right spot and rhythm. She started breathing heavily but masked it really well to stop other passengers noticing too much. Eventually her whole body shook and she told me to gradually slow down. I took my hand out of her pants. I was expecting her to return the favour but she went back to listening to her ipod and seemed to ignore me.

When we hopped off the bus, she came up and told me to meet her in her hotel at six that night and she might fulfil my first fantasy and jack me off. I turned up there a few minutes after six but she was nowhere to be found. I had to finish solo but gained a fantastic memory for future reference



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