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Fun on Homecoming

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I hope you enjoy and look for more to come...


It all started a few years ago with one of my good friends, Tim we'll call him. We had known each other for a few years and had always been close, but we never knew how close we would be.

It was one day in fall, about 2 days before our high school homecoming, now homecoming in our town is a big deal seeing as we have two high schools, so it is about pride that you win your game, and make it know what school your from. It is also one of the biggest party times for teens. Well my parents not realizing this decide it is the perfect time to leave me home alone for a week.

Well I immediately called my friend Tim, to see if he wanted to hang out for the week. He agreed and came over, well the first few days there were many of my friends in and out of the house doing different stuff, and partying something big. Well finally homecoming came and went, we got back to my house and decided to just do some partying.

We had been fooling around for a while before this, playing strip poker and daring each other to do stupid stuff like walking down the street naked and standing near the road for 5 minutes naked, so we were good with seeing each other naked.

So we partied a bit by ourselves and then decided to do some of our playing around, well we both ended up naked in strip poker (like usual) and then were trying to figure out something new to do as a dare, well we came up with the idea that for every hand you lose you had to jack the other person off for 1 minute. After a while this got old so we just sat there watching porn and jacking each other off. Then after doing this for some time we finished off and just ate and hung out (naked of course). Well the next day we got onto the same cycle of party, poker, and fun. Well we were sitting there and talking about what else we could do to keep it new and fresh. Well we had both read this and several other sites dedicated to jacking off and what is ok for guys to do. Well we had decided early that neither of us were gay, and that we did not have an emotional attraction to each other except for the friendship we had. So we decided to go onto other things. We decided that we would start out playing like normal until one of us were naked and then we would go from there, well soon Tim was naked and we decided we were just going to throw caution to the wind and have fun. We continued play until I too was naked and then just had fun (you know what I mean). We both have girlfriends but still like to meet up and enjoy ourselves. I will write more about me and my friend Tim, but I have to go now because just thinking about me and Tim has got me horny, happy Jacking and look for stories to come.

PS. I love this site and hope y'all keep up the good work.



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