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Fun Night in the Corn Field

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This is a true story. This happened about four years ago.


My friends and I like to hang out naked. We would drive around for hours in the country completely naked, just talking. It was a hot summer night, but it wasn't very humid so it made for a nice drive, naked, with the windows down.

Anyway, It was me and two other friends. Both were 18 as well. It was about 2:00AM. There is a dirt lane down the middle of the corn field that we would always drive down and just sit in the bed of my truck and just hang out. It was so far out of town and so far in the middle of the field that no one would ever find us or just stumble upon us.

So, we head down the lane and park. We put our boxers back on to get out. We had never hung out in the field naked before. In fact, this was the last amount of clothing we had ever worn out there. We sat there for a bit and talked. Let me describe this night. It was perfect. It was a warm summer night. A decent breeze blowing so it wasn't too hot. There was an incoming storm with lighting through the sky in the distance. We could barely hear the thunder. Just really relaxing. I was starting to get a boner. Not for any reason, just a random bone. I could see Josh was tenting in his boxers too. So, of course, the conversation turned to sex, masturbation, the people we had been with, etc... Then that lead us to talk about how we'd seen each other naked dozens of time, but had never seen each other hard. I'm bi, both Josh and Jake are straight (or claim to be anyway). I suggested that now would be better time than any. Josh and I were already sporting full boners in our boxers. Jake had a little trouble getting it up. We're all sitting there with our hands in our boxers, Josh and I trying to maintain our hard ons, Jake trying to achieve one.

Finally Jake said 'I think I'm ready'. Using our cellphone screens as a source of light we all proudly display our manhood. I'm 6.5' and kinda wide. Jake was about 6.5' too but a little thinner than mine. Josh was a whopping 7.5' and thick! I saw Jake's boner immediately start fading away. In a joking manner, I said 'Do you want a hand with that?' obviously thinking he would say no. He jumped up on the tailgate and laid back and said 'Go For It'. I was shocked and amazed that I was going to get to jerk off my best friend. One that I had fantasized about for years.

He was laying on his back with his legs dangling off the tailgate. I sat down next to him and and reached over and took a hold of his semi soft cock. He jumped a bit whenever I grabbed him. I started slowly jerking him off and he grew very hard, very quick. His eyes were closed and he was squinting his face around in pleasure. This went on for a few minutes. Josh was standing there watching us while he worked his throbbing cock. He looked down at me. I kinda make a motion that I wanted to suck him. He shook his head no. I was okay with that since this had already been an amazing night. He looked down again and said 'I can't take it anymore. Finish me off' I started furiously jacking his throbbing cock. He started lightly moaning and squirming around. I knew it was coming. I leaned over him and acted like I was just readjusting, but really I was trying to position my face over where he was going to blow his load. He managed to push out the words 'I'm cumming'. At that moment three huge ropes of hot cum shot out of his pulsing cock. One hit me in the face, the other two landed on his chest and stomach. He laid there for a minute breathing heavily. He sat up and said 'That was amazing'.

I looked over to Josh to see if he needed a hand too, looked down and saw he was soft again. I kinda looked at him with a puzzled face. He said 'I already blew like five minutes ago.' then just giggled.

We cleaned ourselves up, put our clothes on and left.

This was the only time this happened in our field.



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