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Fun in the Theater

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This happened about October, 2004 at school. I participate in drama after school and we have a lot of fun talking about stuff that usually is taboo (i.e. sex, penis size, etc.). I was outside the theater with this girl, Ilana, and this dorky freshman. For some reason the topic of penis size was brought up and I made a comment in line with the conversation that I had a rather large penis. (It wasn't a bragging type of comment-it fit with what we were talking about.)

So Ilana said, 'You're lying. You're Jewish and Jews don't have big dicks.'

I said that I wasn't and it is 7' long and 6' in girth (circumference/around for those who don't know what girth means).

She said, 'Yeah right.'

I said, 'Fine I'll prove it to you,' and I grabbed her hand because she had started to walk away. After considering it for a bit, she said fine and stood still and relaxed her hand, and kind of turned her head away cause she was nervous.

I thought that I would just pull it out for her to look at, but I guess she wanted to touch it. (Now that I think about it, she might have been expecting me to pull it out so she could grab it.) So I pressed her hand against the bulge in front of my jeans-I was semi-hard-and she kind of felt around a little bit. She said that it was hard to feel throught the thick jeans but it felt sort of big. So I let her hand go and discreetly stuck my hand in my pocket to move my dick near the pocket. I had become completly hard by now.

She was talking to the other guy and I said, 'Here try it again,' and I stuck her hand into my pocket a little bit. She said she couldn't feel it, because her hand wasn't in the right spot and my dick had moved away from my pocket. So she stuck her hand in farther and kind of felt/squeezed it. I asked what she thought and she said that it definetly felt thick. About two minutes later she said that she had to go pee and I said that I did too. My dick was still pretty hard and I was wondering if I could go or not. So we walked around the side of the building to pee on it. (It's a thing we do at drama.) She pulled her pants down and leaned against the building and started peeing. So I stood a couple feet from her and pulled out my dick.

As soon as I pulled it out I knew I wasn't going to be able to pee-it was still pretty hard and just being next to a girl with my dick out and her peeing was causing it to get even harder very quickly. I tried for a few secounds but nothing happened. So I waited for her to finish peeing. I then asked her to look at it and I said, 'See I told you it's thick,' while moving towards her. She ran away at first, probably becuase she didn't know what I was going to do, but then I said, 'Hey, am I bigger than your ex?' So she came close and looked at it. Right then we heard someone coming so she walked off while I shoved my hard dick back into my pants and zipped up. A few minutes later when we were alone I asked what she thought. She said it was a very good size. She said that it was very thick and a pretty nice and long length. We then walked back in the building.



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