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Fun in the Park and Other Places

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Describes more of my male to male adventures and encounters


In my last story I mentioned how I came to suck my first cock in the campus theatre in San Francisco. Sadly it is no longer around which is a sad thing. I was 35 my first time and I tried to go every month or so. I found some dancers were not into being sucked and would only let you jack their cocks. All of them had nice large ones and I really enjoyed putting my hand around their cock and jacking it though honestly putting it in my mouth was sooo much nicer..

I lived near golden gate park on the south end not too far from the beach and used to walk into the park and in fact jog to the beach and back..One day as I was done jogging on the way back I saw some guy sort of lurking off in the bushes. I studied him for a while and in fact walked towards him. He was a man like me in his 30s and seemed to be clean etc. I walked into the bushes and he sort of made a gesture with his hand across his crotch and sure enough as I got closer he unzipped his pants and took out his cock!! I went up to him and did the same. I jerked it a bit then got on my knees and began to suck it. No one could see us as we were off in the bushes but it felt really naughty but at the same time was so enjoyable I just had to continue..As I sucked I was jerking myself and sure enough it did not take long before I shot my load and then I was done!!

I started going into the park regularly looking for guys and a lot of times I did find them. Once I came upon a guy who was literally crouching in the bushes and when he came up to me got on his knees without a hi or a hello and when I took my cock out he began to suck me expertly.. His tongue was going around and around and it felt so hot..In fact he continued until I shot my hot load of man cream right in his mouth..Clearly this was one hungry cock sucker..After that he just snuck off into the woods!!

Another time I came on a guy who was with his bicycle and he was sucking another guy as I and another guy watched... I was turned on and took my cock out and the other guy jacked me as we watched until the guy with the bicycle finished the job with the guy shooting his load in his mouth..He spat it out on the ground I guess for all of us to see and then he moved on..The guy I was with just wanted to jack which was okay and we did until I came and then I moved on..

I went many times and though I did not always get what I wanted I did a lot and though I heard of police around I only saw them once or twice..One time I remember going into the bushes and then there was a clearing and a really macho guy was standing in the clearing in jeans with his cock just sticking out..I went up to him and just got on my knees and sucked and I jacked myself until I shot my load..

As it is I had sucked a lot of cock and met a lot of men but none had cum in my mouth..Well one day I went to the campus and a dancer stripped etc but was not up for much more..I noticed a guy on a bench who was sitting there like me with his cock out and clearly he wanted to cum. I went over to him and we chatted on how the dancer was hot but he had not given us enough..He agreed and he was jacking his cock slowly while we spoke..I asked him if he needed some help there and he readily agreed.. I jacked him kind of slow but as always I have to have more and I knelt over and took his nice uncut cock in my mouth. The skin was retracted so I could get a nice feel of his head. Well I literally jacked him as I sucked him for a few minutes..He started to moan a little and his balls got tight..I figured this is it..he then told me I am cumming but I wanted to taste it and took that sweet load of man cum in my mouth..It was hot and in fact I then proceeded to jerk off myself and shot a big load that landed on my chest..Some of his did not go in my mouth and was on my lips..After cumming I left that area and went to another with some cum on my face and a cock with cum on it. A proud guy...

As it is I decided the next year to have a woman move in with me who did not know of my interests but also I got an Internet connection and new vistas for male male fun began..



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