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Fun in the Hot Tub

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When I was in middle school, my friends and I played a unique form of 'Truth or Dare'. We would write out truths on little pieces of paper and crumble them up and put them in one pile, and write dares on little pieces of paper and put them in a different pile. Our games usually ended up getting pretty dirty, which made it all the more fun.

One night at a sleepover, I decided to take things to the next level. I had recently learned how to masturbate, and I wanted to share my new-found pleasure with my friends. On one of my 'dare' slips, I wrote 'When we get in the hot tub later, take off your bottoms. Put yourself down there up against one of the jets. Keep it there until you feel the tickle/pleasure and get turned on. Be sure to let the rest of the group know exactly how it feels.' My friend Kathy drew it.

We got in the hot tub later and started talking about masturbation. Kathy said that she had tried humping her pillow before, and it made her feel really good, but she had never tried anything like this before. Julie admitted that she used her three prong battery powered back massager to 'massage' herself down there. Kathy said that she would do the dare only if Julie and I would do it too. Of course we agreed! How could we say no? Kathy took off her bottoms and sat on the foot massager at the bottom of the hot tub. She started to hump it, all the while saying things like 'Oh God, that feels amazing' I looked over at Julie, who looked very excited. I couldn't take it anymore. I put my hand down my swim suit and started to rub my clit. I'm not a lesbian, but watching my friend masturbate in front of me was soooo hot.

After about five minutes, Kathy had an orgasm. Next, it was Julie's turn. She took off her bottoms and knelt on one of the benches and put her clit up against a jet that is supposed to be for back massages. She was up against the jet for about 30 seconds, and asked if she could take her top off. (We have a privacy fence around the hot tub) We said go for it, so she took her top off too. She had gorgeous c cup breasts. She resumed her position in front of her jet, gripping the edge of the tub for support. She started to hump at the jet, commenting that it was WAY better than the back massager. Then she said 'Now, I should probably warn you, it's pretty much impossible for me to keep quiet while doing this.' We told her not to worry about it, and she began to moan.

She humped at the jet, fondled her breasts and moaned. Kathy (with her bottoms still off) knelt behind her on the bench and massaged Julie's breasts. At first, Julie was taken aback, but then she kept going. Three minutes later, she had what she claimed to be the most amazing orgasm of her life. Then it was my turn. I took off my bottoms and knelt in front of the same jet Julie had. I was so horny, I almost came as soon as the water started hitting my clit. Kathy knelt behind me the way she and Julie had and massaged my boobs. She took off my swim suit top, and gave my boobs a great handjob. I ground my pussy against the jet and came harder than I ever had before. We stayed in the hot tub for another hour, masturbating each other, and it was an amazing night.



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