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Fun in the Hospital

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When I was 29 years old, my wife decided she wanted to try the single life again so she divorced me. The same summer as I waited for my divorce to be finalized I had a bad knee injury that required extensive surgery. Back then this kind of surgery required a five to seven day hospital stay. I masturbate at least every day and this hospital had two bed rooms so I was concerned about how I was going to jack off with a roommate.

I was admitted the night before the surgery to a floor that was mostly geriatric patients because the med-surg floor was full. Fortunately I was alone in that room even though it was a two bed room. That evening a hot young nurse and an even hotter nurses aid came in to shave my leg. All I had on was a hospital gown so they got an eye full. They shaved me from my groin so they both got a full view of my cock and balls which I was happy to provide being the exhibitionist that I am and it really turned me on.

I talked to both of them when they were shaving me and my cock began to stir. After they were done the aid stayed on to chat a while. She told me that it was great to have a younger patient on the floor. I was very athletic and was in excellent shape. I had a deep tan except for my tan line and she commented on how dark and fit I was. She also commented on my cock swelling and she reached down and began to rub my cock through my gown. My cock immediately stuck straight up making a tent in the gown. Just as she was stroking me she was paged and had to leave. She got busy and wasn't able to come back in the room so I got up and closed the door and proceeded to masturbate to a very messy, cum filled orgasm. I pulled the gown aside as I laid there stroking my cock and shot cum all over my belly and chest. I cleaned it up just before the nurse came in with evening meds. She commented on how flushed I was but I told her that I was just kind of embarrassed at being half naked stuck in a hospital bed.

The next day I had the surgery and it was miserable. I was slowly coming out of the anesthesia and that evening at shift change a new nurse and nurses aid came on the floor. The nurse was Theresa and her aid was a very hot girl named Lynn. We talked briefly as she filled my water pitcher. I learned that she had just graduated from high school and that she was eighteen years old. I was dying of thirst from the drugs I had been given and I couldn't get enough water. Unfortunately the drugs from the surgery caused me not to be able to urinate but I didn't know it at the time.

I must have slugged down four or five pitchers of water before going back to sleep. I woke at about four am and was in significant pain both in my knee and in my abdomen because my bladder was over full and I felt like I was going to explode. I literally looked like I was six months pregnant. I rang the nurse button and Lynn came into the room. I showed her my belly and she called Theresa into the room. They took off my gown and Theresa put my cock and balls into a puke dish of warm water. They poured warm water over my genitals trying to get me to pee, which was fruitless. This went on for more than an hour. Theresa picked up my cock and poured water down over it and on to the bed. She pushed down on my belly and did everything she could to try to make me pee but nothing worked.

I begged them to put in a catheter but they said they couldn't do it without an order from the doctor. It was a small hospital and my doctor was not in and the doc on call was in surgery. Shift ended at seven am and they left. The doctor came in at eight and ordered a drug which finally relaxed my bladder muscles and allowed me to pee. I did two liters at once and finally felt relief. That evening Theresa was on but Lynn was scheduled off. I was given pain drugs, which made me sleep between physical therapy sessions. That evening they gave me sleeping medication, which finally allowed me to sleep a full night.

When I woke the following morning, about five am, Lynn was sitting at the foot of the bed. She smiled at me and said 'nice view.' I looked down and realized that I had pushed the blanket and sheet off during my sleep and my gown was up near my waist exposing my now rather erect cock and swollen balls. I was embarrassed and went to push my gown down to cover myself. Lynn asked me not to. She stepped over to the side of the bed, put her hand on my cock and gently massaged it and my balls. It felt so good. She said she had been called in during the middle of the night to cover for a girl who had to go home sick. We talked for a while as she played with my cock and massaged my aching balls. Then she bent over and kissed me slipping me the tongue. My cock became rock hard in her hand. She got paged but told me she would be back that evening. I grabbed it and jacked it to a ground shaking orgasm.

During the day I got a roommate, a guy in his early 40s, and blind from birth. Ron couldn't see a thing but he had a hell of a sense of hearing and smell. We talked off and on during the day and into the evening. That night Lynn came back into the room. She pulled the curtain around my bed and sat down in a chair next to the bed. She reached under the sheet pulled up my gown and pulled my aching cock out and began to stroke it. Then she sat on the side of the bed, and rubbed up and down the shaft and squeezed my balls as she stroked me. Ron heard the sloshing sounds and asked what was going on and Lynn told him nothing to mind his own business as she continued to jack my cock.

I reached inside her shirt and pulled her bra up to expose her B sized tits with rock hard nipples. I pushed it up and sucked on them while I put my hand up between her legs and massaged her clit through her uniform. She lifted up and let me slip her pants and panties down and I started to finger her pussy and play with her clit. We were both moaning as quietly as possible but I felt an explosion coming. I gave her a courtesy tap and she backed away as she stroked me a few times to a big orgasm. She licked my cum off of her hand and said 'not bad'. Then I fingered her to an orgasm as well. When she left the room the relationship continued on the rest of the time I was in the hospital and we dated for a year after I got out. This girl loved to have me finger her pussy hard, she also loved to masturbate and jack cock and I gave her all she wanted.



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