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Fun in the Bag

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I love the 'first time' stories. A couple have similarities with the first time I mutualled with another boy, so I thought I'd tell about my experience.


When I was a kid I was in a very active troop. We did camping trips in all weather, year round. One time we had a winter camping trip where there was lots of snow, so the Scoutmaster told us all to bring extra blankets and stuff so we would stay warm. I was tenting with my good friend Paul, and we had already decided to zip our sleeping bags together so we could share warmth, and we had a bunch of extra blankets.
When night came the Scoutmaster warned us to change out of the clothes we'd been wearing all day and get into dry stuff. He told us that the moisture in the clothes we had been wearing would make us cold at night. I didn't like sleeping in heavy clothes anyway, and we seemed to have enough warm stuff, so I announced to Paul that I was going to sleep in the raw, hoping he'd do the same, since I had been hoping we might be able to fool around a little. Much to my delight, he agreed, so we both hopped in and stripped off all our clothes so we were naked in the same, huge, sleeping bag.
At first we just lay there talking. I was idly finging myself while we talked, and it looked like he was, too. After a while our legs touched, and neither of us made a move to 'untouch.' I got an immediate boner. So immediate that I think there was a sonic boom as my penis snapped to attention.
I was scared, but excited, hopeful that more was going to happen. I don't remember the exact sequence of events, but we each took little, tentative steps at getting closer to each other until we were plastered together, our little boners poking each other. We slowly rolled around in the bag, rubbing on each other in various positions. I found myself on top of him rubbing my penis in his butt crack, and boy, did that feel good. He did the same to me. We got pretty horny about it all, and after a while were humping each other shamelessly. I think I came first, but he wasn't far behind me. Neither of us squirted much (I had only been doing that for a couple of weeks, and I suspect it was the same for Paul), but it sure felt great. Neither of us wanted to stop, but we had to as our penises were too sensitive.
I used my used underwear to clean us both up, and we lay back down side by side. I had my arm under his neck, and he had his leg over mine, and we fell asleep that way, still intermingled. I woke several times during the night and played with his penis (I had been wanting to do that for several years), and he told me later he did the same to me.
We slept really well, but were horny again the next morning, which was no surprise since we were pressed up against each other in our nakedness.
We were constant tentmates after that, and had many great sex sessions like that together. Neither of us every missed a camping trip! And at summer camp we'd sneak off into the woods at night and play around. I noticed we weren't the only ones who did that; there were several others who paired off and sneaked off. We all knew who we were, but we never acknowleged what was going on; it was very private behavior, but it was a turnon to think of them doing what Paul and I were doing. Neither Paul or I were gay (we are both happily married now), but we enjoyed our experiences together. We've done it together a couple of times as adults, but frankly, the times when we were kids were the best.



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