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Fun at Boy Scout Camp

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I didn't know that boy scout camp was fun until I went to Camp Cherry Valley.


My name for the sake of the story is Bryan. I am 6'0" tall, 168 pounds and athletic skinny. I have an uncut penis which is five inches hard. Tyler on the other hand is athletic, has a cut penis and is 5’11" and 180 pounds. I met Tyler at Boy scouts and we hit it off. We became best of friends. Tyler and I bunked together at Camp Cherry Valley when I was 16 and he was 15, due to the fact that his other friend Jason cannot make it because of summer school.

Anyway I started masturbating at puberty. I was super nervous about Boy Scout Camp because there will be not privacy for the boys in general to masturbate. Tyler and I were wiped after the few days in camp because we went to our merit badges classes. At night after dinner we decided to hangout until ten o'clock. Tyler and I went to sleep. I waited for his snoring before I start masturbating. I was rubbing my cock when Tyler said out of the blue "Bryan are you up?" I responded "No, but I am now, why?" He said "I thought I heard some rustling in the sleeping bag, are you masturbating?" I was so embarrassed but I responded truthfully “Yeah". He said "that's cool can I join you" Shocked and reeling from what I just heard, I recovered quickly and said "Sure". Tyler and I start masturbating together when Tyler said" hey why don't we do this outside of the sleeping bag and get naked so we can compare dicks?" “Sure" I said.

We both got out of our sleeping bags, move our bunks together take off all of our clothes and started masturbating when he noticed that I have foreskin and he didn't. I start saying “I am not circumcised as you can see." He laughed and said "Yeah." We started masturbating when I got up enough courage and said "would you like to stroke each other?" Tyler said "Hell yeah." I started stroking his dick while he was stroking mine. “I said "Slow down Ty, I am about to cum, I want to last so I can cum with you." He said “Sure Bry” and let go of my penis. So I started stroking him and started focusing on his dick and he was moaning softly. He said" Bry I am about to cum, but I want to cum with you also."

So we decided that we start stroking together and started moaning and groaning. I said "Fuck Ty I am going to blow" Tyler said “Let it out big boy”. Before I came I cried "Shit." I came hard shooting my cum hitting my chest and stomach and I got some in Tyler's hand. Seeing me cum sent him over the edge moaning "Shit I am cumming." I said “Let me see it big boy." He cried "Fuck" and shot his cum hitting his chest, my hand and his stomach. After we caught our breath I rolled on top of him and kissed him on his lips. Surprised by the kiss, he recovered and kissed me back. With our bodies stuck together like glue because of the cum, I rolled off him and start cleaning myself with a towel. I tossed him a towel and he started cleaning the cum off him. I said "That was fun." Tyler said "Let’s do it again sometime." With that we came up with the code whenever one of us is horny I would say "Lakers sucks" and Tyler would said in response "Heats Sucks" if he is horny so we know whether we should masturbate together that night or not.



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