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Fun and Games

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Me and my best friend enjoying our teen years!!


I have a friend who is the same age as me. Let's call him Charlie. He's quite small in height but has a 6' dick, whilst I am a fair bit taller and have a 7' thicker dick. I trim my pubes whereas he has a full bush. I know a lot about his appearance because throughout our teens we slept (and still do!) round each others houses a lot and often played truth or dare along with stripping games that often led to us being naked and having to masturbate for 30 seconds or something.

Anyway, this happened a few months ago when Charlie came over to my house. We played a few video games and ate some lunch. My family was out shopping or at work so we had the house to ourselves. We went upstairs to my bedroom and decided to play a board game which we hadn't played for years. I set up the game whilst he went to the toilet. When Charlie came back I noticed he had a boner in his trousers!

I asked Charlie why he had a boner and he shrugged saying it was spontaneous. This made me feel quite horny but I put it aside, knowing I would get to see his dick later on. We played the game and after I won we wrestled on the floor a while because Charlie is a bad loser.

When we were fighting I felt something hard in Charlie's trousers. He said he had a boner and that he could feel I was getting one too. I felt myself turning red as I realised we were lying on top of each other with huge erections!

I climbed off Charlie, even more horny now, and my boner went down whilst we played a few more video games. Charlie asked if we could play a card game. I said yes, pretending to be annoyed but knowing what it meant. He asked what we should bet with and I suggested clothes, so we did.

After a little while of playing I ended up sat naked with a pillow over me whilst Charlie only had taken off his t-shirt, revealing his toned, tanned body. I lost the next game and was forced to lose my pillow. I tried to forget about being naked, seeing as we had seen each other naked many times before. I looked across at Charlie half way through the round and noticed he had got yet another boner, and to my horror, I got one too!

Charlie soon noticed my hardon and complimented it as we always did. He lost the next few rounds and soon all that was keeping him and his boner from being naked was his boxers. I played to my best ability so I could see him naked, and I was successful. Charlie removed his boxers. I asked what we should do next. Charlie smiled cheekily. I knew what he was thinking.

We both sat facing each other and began stroking our boners. I increased to beating mine and Charlie complimented my technique. He asked me if I'd show him how I did it and I said yes. He removed his hands and I grabbed his 6 incher for the first time in my life and began beating it in the same way. He told me it felt good, and before long he came all over me!

I didn't know what to do, because I was so horny but I wanted him to finish me off. Luckily, I didn't even have to ask before he scooped up his cum and used it as lube on my dick! This turned me on so much I had an intense orgasm in no time. I dared him to eat our mixed up cum, and he said he would if I would, so we both did. It tasted great!

Charlie and I got cleaned up before my family got home. What a day!



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