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Full-Figured Wet Nurse

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My mother's friend is a nurse at local hospital. She is a full-figured woman, curly brown short hair, certainly no looker but she has enormous boobs and then some. They are the size of bowling balls at least. Her son and I are friends and once I slept over his house and rummaged though the clothes hamper and found her bra. Her cup easily fit over my entire face and part of my head. This got me very excited knowing those huge boobs were being pressed and squeezed against it all day.

That reminded me of a time when both are families went to a water park in the summer a few years back. She was dressed in a black one-piece bathing suit that looked like it was made of rubber when it got wet. Between her and all the other sexy moms it was a fight not to jerk off right there in the park. Each time she got out of the pool at the bottom of the slide, she would have to reach up to pull her straps on her bathing suit just to keep those big boobs under control. It was great to see her body jiggling and bouncing with that wet suit on. The next time down the slide she went ahead of me. I had to really fight not to get hard seeing her big beautiful ass molding to the bottom of the slide. Then she grabbed my legs and wrapped them around her waist and said, 'Let's link up.'

Here I am about 13 years old already half hard and my fantasy lady pushes my legs into her massive boobs. With my legs spread and touching her boobs I don't really have to explain how fast and hard my dick got. I pulled back to try to hide my erection and said that we couldn't go down linked because it was against park rules, which it was anyway. She just smiled and said, 'Fine see you at the bottom.'

Don't get me wrong, nothing would have pleased me more than standing up pulling my rock-hard dick out and squirting my jizz all over her face and boobs. When I calmed down a little I went down and cooled of a bit. About 20 minutes later I went down ahead of her and waited to see her adjusting those gigantic boobs of hers. When she hit the water she tipped forward and I got the thrill of my life. Both boobs popped out of her suit and I thought I was going to pass out right in the pool.

Each one was milky white and had a light pink areola at least 9 or 10 inches in diameter with large pert nipples. If this woman was trying to tease me to death, she almost got her wish. Because I was wet. I never knew how much precum I produced but I'm sure it was a lot. A crowd of other people saw what I saw the same day and she got as embarrassed as I got turned on.

I always wondered if she ever gave hand jobs to any male patients when she worked her rounds. I'm sure she did and probably showed her boobs to get them off even faster. I always jerked off thinking of that many, many times.

Holding her bra in my hand was too much. I locked the door and wrapped her silky cup around my shaft and started to stroke. I hadn't come for a couple of days so it was really nice. I had edged for about 20 minutes, when she knocks on the door and asks if I'm alright. If she only knew. I said I'm fine and will be out in a few. I edged one more time but then shot a massive load all over her bra. I swirled it around the entire cup and stuffed it back into the clothes hamper thinking what a lucky guy her husband is.



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